Sardinia is a picturesque island washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This corner of Italy is famous not only for its sandy beaches but also for natural and archaeological reserves. Therefore, avid travelers should rent a car to explore the island most comfortably.

How to rent a car?

For us, the beaches of Sardinia were not the only purpose of the visit. Going here, do not forget that it is still Italy, and there is always something to see in it. However, to begin with, we’ll tell you where to find a rental car. Hope for cheap services of local car rental firms is not worth it. As in any part of Europe, such pleasure will cost a lot on the spot. It is better to look for decent options online, compare prices and choose a budget car.

On average, the daily cost of renting a car class C will cost the tourist 50-70 euros. This includes insurance against theft and damage. Separately, at the request of the tenant insurance is paid for the second/third driver, child seats and a navigator. To rent a car in Sardinia, you will need to show both a Russian driver’s license and an international one.

Where to go?

Roads on the island are generally good. The route was designed to not only visit the coast but also to see the sights. Without a rental car, moving from one point to another is very difficult. You need to be ready to meet with livestock on the roads – sheep, goats and more in Sardinia is considered commonplace.

Photo of Alghero

Photo of Alghero

We stayed in Alghero – this is one of the most popular cities on the northwest coast of the island. The car immediately received at the airport, as ordered it in advance. The way from the airport to the city is short, only half an hour to go.

If you stay in Alghero for a long time, you will have to book a hotel room. On average, one night for two will cost 50 euros. From local attractions worth noting the Moorish Cathedral of Santa Maria, Maddalena’s bastion. Everywhere felt the historical heritage of the island. The very center of the city is attractive by the Piazza Chizik square.

Excursion to Grotto Nettuno.Grotto Nettuno

Photo of a grotto

Photo of a grotto

The cave complex deserves special attention. For its inspection, you need to pre-order a boat, but entrance tickets can be purchased on site. By the way, tours are conducted only in groups, everything is very organized. If desired, this place can be reached by car, but such a trip will be tedious, as you will have to go down the cave on foot, which has about six hundred steps! Boat trip less tiring and allows you to enjoy the local scenery. The grotto was impressed with its scale, and the tour itself was conducted in English (sometimes in Italian).

The car was left on the free parking at the port. The next day we went north, looked at the Roman Bridge, took a lot of pictures, looked at Nuraghe Palmavera and went to the city of Stintino.