Among all Asian countries, Malaysia will stand out very well – excellent service, fairly clean beaches, wildlife, carefully preserved traditions. All the most modern is concentrated in Kuala Lumpur – a dynamically developing capital with its skyscrapers. Historical sights of the city harmoniously coexist with green parks. A special attraction for many tourists is the opportunity to take pictures from a bird’s eye view. For this, many wait for the queue to the panoramic points, and often recorded a few days in advance.

Rent a Malaysia

Photo of Kuala Lumpur

Photo of Kuala Lumpur

Rental car will be the most optimal way to travel. However, in Malaysia, the movement is quite difficult for those who are here for the first time. To master the intricate navigation and get used to the Malay signs take a lot of time and patience. Such efforts are compensated by excellent roads – it will be much more pleasant to cross the country up and down on a rental car along high-speed routes.

Car rental companies usually provide the selected vehicle immediately at the airport. Here you can find representatives of rental companies such as Hertz or Orix. Racks issuing cars are usually in the arrivals area, but cars should be booked in advance. This can be done via the Internet – choose cars for rent in accordance with your personal needs.

Features of Malaysia

This is one of the safest Asian countries for tourists. However, to know some of the nuances of rest is still worth it. First, when visiting religious sites, it is worth adhering to the dress code: do not wear short shorts, open topics, etc. Secondly, without fear you can eat in street public places – the food in the country is mostly fresh and of high quality. The only thing worth considering is that in crowded places tourists should be attentive to their things.

On a note! Malays have one strange tradition – you cannot take food with your left hand, and under no circumstances should you pass anything to the locals with the same hand. This is considered an insult and it is not known how this can end.

Diving in Malaysia

Photo of divers

Photo of divers

The country has excellent opportunities for diving. Divers are attracted here fascinating South China Sea, which can surprise both beginners and sophisticated divers.

The best time for diving is the period from November to March; it is at this time that excellent visibility opens in the sea in Malaysia. A huge number of beautiful fish, turtles, etc. inhabit the waters of Sipadan. The most popular points among divers are Coral Garden and Cape Barracudas. Lovers of year-round diving to the depths can go to the western corners of the country – the water here is pleasant in any season, and the underwater world is picturesque.