Almaty is a very beautiful and green city, from which begins the high-mountain Zailiysky Alatau. In addition, it is an important cultural center of Kazakhstan with several noteworthy sights, in which the traditions of Soviet neo-classicism are mixed with oriental steppe motifs. All this magnificence is surrounded by modern high-rise buildings.

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Religious Shrines

Photo of the Ascension Cathedral

Photo of the Ascension Cathedral

Guests of Almaty, especially Orthodox Christians, should definitely visit the Ascension Cathedral, built in the form of a fabulous Russian tower. For its construction used blue Tien-Shan spruce. The temple was built without a single nail at the time when the Faithful fort was located on the site of present Almaty.

Toward the end of the nineties of the last century, the city completed the construction of a new Central Mosque – the largest in the country. Its golden dome has a twenty-meter diameter, and the large minaret is 47 meters high.

Golden Warrior

Republic Square is surrounded by administrative buildings from all sides. Here you can take a tour of the Independence Monument, created in the form of a thirty-meter stele, which is crowned by a winged leopard with a Golden Warrior on his back.

The Central State Museum paraded a reconstructed figure of a warrior, covered with numerous golden plates. In addition, in the museum, you can see the real Kazakh yurt, Turkic military armor, silverware, Scythian gold, and other unique exhibits.

It is worth noting that the Golden Warrior in Almaty is presented in the form of an exact copy, the original of which is located in Astana.

Kok-Tobe mountain

Photo of an apple-tree in blossom

Photo of an apple-tree in blossom

The word “Almaty” in Russian means “Father of apples.” These trees were planted here in the XIX century. After Voronezh apple trees were crossed with wild Kazakh species of the same plant, an aport sort, well known far beyond the borders of Asia, turned out.