You can rent a car online or from a representative of rental companies. Car rental companies will select a suitable car for their customers. In order to avoid additional costs when choosing a vehicle, you should contact directly to special car rental offices. The rental price will depend on the car model, brand, mileage and lease terms.

Since in Albania there is one airport, you can order a car immediately upon arrival. It will be convenient for customers and tourists to rent a car to drive to a hotel or a hotel.                   

Albania – is located in southeastern Europe washed by the Adriatic Sea, on the west side and the Ionian Sea from the southwest.

Photo of Ionian Sea near Sarande

Photo of Ionian Sea near Sarande

What to see?

  • National Museum of Culture and Art Gallery.
  • The ancient city of Shkodra, the lead mosque and the fortress of Rozafa.
  • In the south of the country is a great city – Girokastra. The Market Mosque, the Museum of Weapons, the Turkish baths – all this is very impressive.
  • Durres is an ancient city, the Amphitheater, the Archaeological Museum, the Venetian towers, the palace of Ahmet Zoga.
  • Cramp, stands on a high plateau, immersed in green vegetation.
  • The famous city of Berat, with the famous ancient fortress, built in the XIV century. The narrow cobbled streets with lots of old houses are called the “city of a thousand windows”.

This country is ancient and very beautiful, with a rich cultural past, with history and traditions.

 Nature and weather

Mountains and plains, lakes and the cleanest rivers, as well as the mild climate of the Mediterranean Sea delight tourists all year round. Winter is not cold, mild, summer is not exhausting with heat, all this harmoniously combines with majestic mountains. In the mountainous regions of the country, weather conditions in winter are more severe, and summer is rather dry. A mountainous country with open mountains and plains. The hills are covered with thickets of maquis bush. Trees such as beech, oak, conifers, grasses of such type as sod prevail.

Photo of Albanian mountains

Photo of Albanian mountains


in Albania, There are three, four and five-star hotels. Depending on the type of hotel chosen by tourists, the conditions and price vary.

Popular among hotels: Durres, Tirana, Saranda, Vlora, Berat, located in the center five minutes from the square. All hotels are modernly furnished and equipped with air conditioning, clean and comfortable rooms with beautiful interior design.