Greece is the- the country of the Olympic gods led by the all-powerful Zeus, seated in his palaces on top of Mount Olympus. Greece is a country of bright sun, white houses, and an azure sea. This country is full of attractions and ancient monuments. Greece is impossible not to love. Having visited her once, I decided that I would definitely come back and kept my promise. This time it was Crete.

As I have already noted, Greece is rich in sights, and in a short time it is difficult to see everything, so for convenience, I immediately turned to a car rental company.

On about. Crete has a lot of great hotels, but I opted for the Mythos Suites Hotel in Rethymnon. Rethymnon can be called one of the most picturesque corners of Greece. Antique architecture, narrow streets, incredible fountains, magnificent churches in the Venetian style – the feeling as if I got into an open-air museum.

The sunken city of Olus

One of the main notable places of Crete that I wanted to visit is the sunken city of Olus. The ruins of the ancient city can be seen at the bottom of the channel Poros. I went there in my rented car on the second day of my trip. The expectations were as follows: go down under the water, and there is a city. In fact, you can see only the remains of the walls. In any case, it’s amazing that the monument of architecture is under water because the city of Olus was founded about 3000 years ago.

Knossos Palace

Photo of the Knossos Palace

Photo of the Knossos Palace

The Knossos Palace, which is located near the city of Heraklion, was a must for me to visit. Rumor has it that the Minotaur wandered through the mazes of this palace and devoured the young people. The palace is the largest monument of Minoan culture. Before that, I visited the archaeological museum of Crete, so I had an idea about the palace. It is under the open scorching sun, so be sure to take water and a hat with you, as there are no shady corners. It is best to take a guide, but I walked on my own: signs hang around the palace, on which basic information is written. The palace did not make a great impression on me, but the fact of being in such a place pleases me.

Dikteyskaya cave

The next item on my journey was the cave of Zeus, or Dikteyskaya cave. I went there in a rental car, and on the spot joined the tour. It should be noted that from the parking lot to the cave itself you have to walk about a kilometer along a narrow paved path. Inside the cave is a magnificent sight: stalagmites betray the cradle of Zeus with a mysterious and magical view. At the bottom of the cave is an ice lake where tourists throw coins.

Gastronomic passion

Photo of Greek salad

Photo of Greek salad

Greek cuisine is notable for its aromas and the presence of olive oil in almost all dishes. The most memorable restaurant in Rethymno has become a very refined restaurant “Castello”. Here you can sit on the first floor with a beautiful garden, where I chose my choice, and also there is an option to sit alone on the second floor, where there are only a few tables. Being in Greece and not trying a Greek salad is a sin, so the choice immediately fell on your favorite salad. I also remember the shrimps in aniseed sauce and, of course, the traditional Greek pie with ice cream and walnuts.

Greece is a fabulous country. It is impossible to describe in words everything that I saw there. She is so cozy that she did not want to leave at all. If you have not been to Greece, be sure to visit this magnificent ancient country and enjoy the bright sun and azure sea.