Jordan, a truly amazing country, it combines the beauty of the mountains and the calmness of the Dead Sea. To see all these features in a short time, you need to arm yourself with a vehicle to move quickly. For many years, Jordan offers a variety of car rental services, everyone can find what they are looking for. rent a car If you, you can visit all the local attractions.


Where to get the car?

The average rental price for a small car will be about $ 40, but if you want to take a car for a long time, the price may drop to $ 30. Pricing is very individual – it depends on the location of the rental car and on your driver’s data.

Photo of the desert of Wadi Rum

Photo of the desert of Wadi Rum

Payment is made using any and all payment systems, and cash payment are also possible. However, it is more profitable and more reliable to use online services, where you can compare prices from different car rental companies. If you choose and pay for the car in advance, you can save a lot. On the site already, as a rule, the cost of cars for rent is much higher. In addition, there are no representatives of local rental companies at the airport of Aqaba. Get a car immediately upon arrival, you can only use the services of online services.

From Aqaba to Wadi Rum Desert

You can quickly explore the port city of Aqaba. Of the attractions stands only the embankment, the historical museum, the excavations on the Tell al-Khalifa. Then you can drive to the desert of Wadi Rum. Since this reserve is not allowed to enter its territory on a rental car (on any of its own transport). Leaving the car at the parking lot, you can use the services of local guides, offering a jeep trip. There are other less pleasant options – on camels or on foot.

A trip to the city of Petra

Photo of ruins of Petra

Photo of ruins of Petra

Further, many travelers go to Wadi Musa. By the way, if you go immediately from Aqaba to the city of Peter, then the path will not be long. You can get to your destination only ten hours. But in general, all efforts are the beauty that opens before the guests of the ancient city. The most impressive sight is the passage to the valley. On inspection of this object, it is better to devote a few hours, less and not work.

If free time permits, you can go from Wadi Musa by car to the Shobak fortress. The path runs along the so-called Korolevskoye highway. However, the main goal remains the castle Karak. Inexperienced drivers should be prepared for the fact that these roads are heavily obscured by clouds of smoke. Visibility is greatly reduced, so driving fast is difficult and unsafe.

In general, a trip to Jordan leaves a pleasant impression. Do not forget to go to the coast of the Dead Sea, from where a beautiful sunset opens. Nearby are the ruins of the ancient fortress of Mukavir.