Photo of Serbian landscape in winter

Serbian cuisine is a true gastronomic cocktail that is worth trying

Written on 12th July 2019 in Food

Serbian national cuisine is a mixture of traditions of a large number of countries. Culinary masterpieces of the country were formed under the influence of Slavic, Hungarian, Mediterranean cuisines. The list also includes Turkish and German cuisines. As a result of this combination, original Serbian cuisine was born. It focuses on meat dishes, so f...

Photo of the market at Slovakia

Gastronomic trip to Slovakia – we try local beer and baked goose

Written on 14th June 2019 in Food

Slovak cuisine is simple, clear and pleasant to look at. For many years, the culinary traditions of the country were shaped under the strong influence of cultures of countries such as Hungary and Austria. Most local cuisine is based on several basic ingredients – meat, cheese, dumplings. Slovak traditional cheeses On the table of any...

Photo of the curch in Minsk

Blue-eyed Belarus with pancakes and moonshine

Written on 1st March 2019 in Belarus

In Belarus, I was several times, but mostly visiting friends. And, unfortunately, it was not possible to see the sights of this small but interesting country. Therefore, when the comrades once again called for a visit, I decided that I would definitely arrange for myself a mini-trip at least for the main sights. Museum of...

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