If you are an admirer of Edvard Munch, love painting, want to get to know the modern and classic art collections more closely, Norway is ready to offer a lot of options. The government of the country invests a lot of funds for the development of museums and is doing everything possible to attract the attention of tourists to this area.

Ever since the time of the Vikings, the Norwegians created objects that were not subject to time. This is how Norwegian art was born – original, sometimes incomprehensible, but attractive. The most extensive collection of masterpieces is kept in the Norwegian Museum of Art. In addition, museums can be found in almost every corner of the country.

Photo of the house of vikings

Photo of the house of vikings

How to get around

Getting around Norway is most convenient when renting a car. This is the most convenient transport option. The country employs representatives of international rental companies, whose services can be ordered in advance via the Internet. Since the weather in Norway is unpredictable and often the visibility on the roads reaches zero, it is recommended not to turn off the dipped beam at any time of the day. Renting a car, you should be prepared for serious fines for not using the seat belt, as well as for paid parking. It will not be difficult to pick up the cars in the issuing stand – they are located directly at the airport.

Edvard Munch Museum

See the most popular collection of fine art objects in Norway, bequeathed to Oslo by famous masters Munk, in the museum of the same name. Here are paintings, drawings, sketches, graphics, created by the artist throughout life. It is here that such famous works as “Scream” and “Fear” are carefully kept. Temporary exhibitions present works of art from modern masters.

Astrup Museum – Fearnley

This is a private museum located in the very heart of Oslo, as well as one of the most visited sights of the city. It exhibits works by American, Norwegian and European artists. The sculpture “High Priestess”, created by Anselm Kiefer, attracts the most attention. A collection of sculptures is collected around the museum building – the composition leads directly to the beach.

Photo of the sculpture of factory workers in Oslo

Photo of the sculpture of factory workers in Oslo

The Heni Art Center

Museum is located in Hevikodden, near Oslo. Its founders are figure skater Sonya Henie and her husband. Today, there are works of both foreign and Norwegian masters, whose works are related to modernism. Often in the walls of the museum held cultural events. Sketches made by Dadaist Kurt Schwitters are part of the permanent collection. The museum building itself is surrounded by a sculpture park.