In Belarus, I was several times, but mostly visiting friends. And, unfortunately, it was not possible to see the sights of this small but interesting country. Therefore, when the comrades once again called for a visit, I decided that I would definitely arrange for myself a mini-trip at least for the main sights.

Museum of old crafts “Dudutki”

Having drawn a clear route and hired a car, the first thing I went to was a rather interesting place not far from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, which is called “Dudutki”. I knew about this museum of folk crafts for a long time and therefore I decided to start with it. Having got there on the tour, I was in confused feelings: I and 8 more tourists took me to drink moonshine. And it should be said that it is necessary to try it because I have never tried such a soft, but so strong drink. I realized that the tour begins with the tasting of moonshine in order to make it more fun to walk.

Photo of Belarus nature

Photo of Belarus nature

The museum consists of about ten workshops, where not only exhibits are presented. There are working the real masters of their craft – artisans. The museum is small, and there are many tourists, especially on weekends, so each house has small queues. But, as I said, it did not bother us after drinking alcoholic beverages.

In Dudutkah, I saw how masters create beautiful dishes and children’s toys from a piece of clay. Like blacksmiths, they heat metal and create iron horseshoes in front of the audience, like a hostess baking hearty delicious bread without yeast and brewing herbal tea, visited the windmill, and also won the handmade straw bell. Of course, it didn’t work for me to drop into Dudutka for a couple of hours, so I spent most of the day there and enjoyed the smell of the forest, herbs, and mushrooms. Also near the estate flows the icy river, where you should definitely take a dip.

Mir and Nesvizh castles

Belarus is rich in small but very beautiful castles. The next day, in a rented car, I set off to conquer the Mir and Nesvizh Castles.  Both castles were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mir Castle is a defensive fortification. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century. During the war in 1942, there was a ghetto in the castle.

Photo of the Mir Castle

Photo of the Mir Castle

The museum includes about 40 exhibits, charming ponds, and parks, where I enjoyed walking. The Nesvizh Museum-Reserve is a little longer and it took a lot of time to see everything there. Nesvizh Castle is the estate of the famous Radzivils family, which laid its foundations in Poland and Lithuania. Tickets to museums cost less than $ 10, so you can safely go there and spend your time with benefit and pleasure.

Walking around Minsk, I noticed that there are very few restaurants and cafes of national Belarusian cuisine in the city. I liked the institution “Draniki”, where I tried real Belarusian potato pancakes – pancakes with sour cream and mushrooms. To say that it was very tasty – to say nothing. The cafe is located in the historic center of the city and there are quite a few visitors there, but we did not have to wait long for a table with friends. They also visited the Kukhmistr Belarusian and Litvinian cuisine restaurant. Litvinskaya cuisine is the cuisine of the townspeople and gentry, simple peasant people did not eat such food.

Belarus is a blue-eyed country, as there are many lakes and rivers in it. I never got to the lakes, but I will leave this adventure for the next time. In the meantime, I will go for a walk around the old Minsk and review beautiful photos.