In Italy, every corner is beautiful. To consider everything, imbued with the spirit of the country, its history and customs, you should rent a car and visit several cities, not limited to the most popular ones, like Rome or Pisa. Distances in Italy compared to Russia are small, expensive, so travel is a pleasure.

Where and how to get a car?

Sites offering cars for rent in Italy are numerous. There are both local, like Sicily by Car, and international Avis or Hertz. Some sites analyze the offers of all major brands at once and make it possible to find the most profitable option.

There are cars for every taste – the economy and business class, small and whole minibusses. In this case, you can take them in one city, and pass in another, if only there was a rental point. You can even return in another country. The site will tell you where this is possible.

The price includes insurance like Russian OSAGO. Winter tires, a navigator and a full tank of gasoline come as a free bonus.

The most convenient way is to order a car directly to the airport; you do not have to take a taxi or wait for public transport. All you need for rent is a passport, driver’s license, and a stock of money on a bank card.

Photo of the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican

Photo of the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican


In order not to get into an awkward or unpleasant situation before booking a car, it is better to study the peculiarities of Italian traffic.

  • Toll roads.

In Italy, the fare on any major highway you need to pay. Each of these highways is marked by a green road sign, and at the entrance, there is a turnstile, where a ticket is issued. At the Congress, the resulting ticket is read and the cost appears on a special display. You can pay in cash or by card.

  • One way rentals are more expensive.
  • Fines

A fine for violation of the rules of the road can be paid on the spot (if the police officer issued it in front of you) or through a bank. Avoid them will not succeed, as the police send all fines to the tenant company, which will give them to you when you return the car. Road fines are a very good deal, the police try to catch as many offenders as possible, so you need to be very careful not to get caught, but rather follow the rules.

Photo of Milan

Photo of Milan

  • Parking.

Packing places are marked with color: yellow and white mean places only for local residents, blue means paid places. Near shopping centers and cafes with fast food, places are free. There are special places for temporary stops on highways, but it’s better not to stand in them for a long time, as this attracts the attention of the police, they are suitable for checking documents, as a result, the process takes a lot of valuable time.

  • Movement restriction.

In Italy there are areas where movement is restricted, they are designated with a ZTL plate, which is fixed in an inconspicuous place. This is done on purpose to catch more offenders, so it is better to study a special map where all ZTLs are marked.

The remaining moments do not differ from European ones, for example, a child seat must be required, and at gas stations, you can pay in cash or by card.

Italy is the perfect place to travel by car. The abundance of attractions, mild climate is best rated in motion. You can explore the magnificent Rome, the magnificent Florence, and then go to the coast or drive through Tuscany, tasting wine and cheese.

Paving a route in advance, or go where the head will climb no matter. Perhaps the second is even more interesting. No wonder they say: to find a new place, you need to get lost in it. To be lost in Italy is a really sweet dream.