No longer need to depend on a whole group of tourists traveling together in a stuffy bus. You can visit only those places that you like, stop only where you want. Of course, everyone would like to spend their holidays in this way, but there are many nuances that need to be taken into account. For myself, I decided right away that a rental car would be the best solution for traveling in Egypt.

Preparing for the trip

On the site, of course, you can find car rental companies that will offer something worthwhile. But in a country like Egypt, this is a risky option. There is always a chance to stumble upon scammers. The best and most profitable in terms of cost savings is a rental car in advance. So the safest way to get a car is at the airport without any hassle. To find the best option, you should use special sites-aggregators. So do not have to browse all sites on their own.

On the Internet, you can pick up a car for every taste and value. Without the following list of documents, the conclusion of a car rental agreement will not be possible:

  • an identity document;
  • international driver’s license;
  • international credit card;
  • driver age not less than 25;
  • driving experience from 1 year.

In contrast to local rental companies, reputable services known on the Internet provide some guarantee that the client will receive the rental car in good condition and no trouble will follow.

Photo of Cairo

Photo of Cairo

Before renting

In popular resort towns, a tourist can meet a large number of dishonest offices. They can provide a car with breakdowns, incorrectly drawn up documents for the car, which will lead to significant expenses on the part of the client. It is better to overpay a little for insurance than to “compensate” for those failures that you did not do. To avoid further problems, you can check the rental car for defects, you can even take a photo.


Cost may be completely different. An important factor is a season. During the non-tourist season, you can rent at minimal cost. Although in this case, the country itself may not like it – this is already a matter of taste, because in “not the season” the weather conditions are not the best. The best option for the cost of the car will be booking it in advance.

Traveling in Egypt by car

So, when the keys to the rental car have already been issued, it remains to go to the hotel. Choose a hotel was not difficult. Although today the Russians are less likely to decide on a visit to Egypt, there are no fewer offers on the hotel booking sites. Located in Hurghada, you can go on a trip to the most top places in Egypt.

The first option – a trip to Cairo. The distance is quite decent – about 450 km. Riding on a bus is a dubious pleasure, so the car rental was just the way. The route connecting these two directions includes several roadblocks. Although we must admit that tourists are not particularly nagged. Along the way, impressive colorful landscapes – but all in pure Egyptian style. The movement in the capital itself is chaotic, so you need a little time to get used to.

What to be ready for?

Photo of a fresco in Cairo museum

Photo of a fresco in Cairo museum

Be careful with fines. Its average cost ranges from $ 100. You will just be called to the police station and given a receipt for payment.

What can be fined:

  • not wearing a seat belt;
  • speed exceeded;
  • talking on a cell phone while driving;
  • lack of child seats.

Be sure to refuel to the maximum, since meeting a gas station is not an easy thing. In general, Cairo liked. It is one of the largest cities in the entire African continent. During the day it is very hot, so there are practically no locals. Especially impressive is Islamic architecture.

It is a big mistake to drive almost 500 km and not to visit the famous Cairo museum. It is located in the central part of the city. But on this the city never ceases to amaze, therefore it is better to specify all routes in advance.