Georgia is a popular tourist destination. Arriving on vacation in this hospitable country, the traveler for a short period of vacation wants to see the unique landscapes, monuments of history and architecture. A rented car is, in this case, the best solution for driving around the country without being tied to tourist groups and public transport.

To simply and quickly rent a car in Georgia, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the rules and features of such resort cities as Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi.

Photo of Tbilisi

Photo of Tbilisi

List of documents A

pick up a car for rent in Georgia, can а person over 23 years old who has a driving experience of at least 3 years. In order to rent a car, you need only 2 documents: a

  • passport;
  • driver’s license of international standard.

If the car is booked through the site of the lessor, then the payment for rent and the amount of the collateral are paid only by credit card.

Which car to choose?

In order not to be mistaken in choosing a car for rent, you need to pay attention to its characteristics: the

  • size of the trunk;
  • engine capacity;
  • the spaciousness of the cabin.

From these parameters of the car depends on the rental price and the size of the deposit. When renting a car you need to pay attention to the presence of insurance.

The car rental centers in Georgia offer various models of cars. To choose a suitable option, you need to consider that this is a mountainous country, the roads of which form steep turns and loops, so it is not recommended to take cars with large dimensions. At the same time, a compact small car is also not sufficiently convenient for trips on mountain roads.

A suitable option would be a car with average engine size and a spacious interior for a specific number of people. If the tourist plans to visit mountain villages, then the only acceptable option would be an SUV, since the roads in the mountains are rocky.

Photo of mountains of Georgia

Photo of mountains of Georgia

Other nuances When

traveling around Georgia in the summer, you need to take into account the peculiarities of its hot and humid climate. To cope with the discomfort of the heat will help air conditioning, which is equipped with an auto interior.

Both local and international rental companies operate on the territory of Georgia. But in the resort cities, there are only international centers offering services at high prices. An excellent alternative to such companies will be websites where you can find car rental companies in Georgia. On these resources, all actual offers from reliable persons are collected.

Having hired a car, you need to respectfully follow the rules of the road. The latter is not much different from those operating in other CIS countries. In general, the impressions of the trip should be enjoyable, if you cooperate only with proven rental companies.