Tourists willingly rent a car to enjoy the scenery around and see a lot of new places, as well as relax. Car rental in Armenia is in good demand.

There are a lot of car rental companies,  you can rent a car in Yerevan:

  •  through a search engine;
  •  through the official firms car rental;
  •  having made a reservation in auto company.

If you book a car in advance, the price will drop by 10%.

For an additional fee, the car will be delivered directly to the airport. When choosing a vacation in Armenia, customers often use the vehicle rental service.

It is convenient and accessible, and the pleasant impressions received will long remain in the memory of tourists.

The transport system of the republic is very developed, from Yerevan the roads diverge into four autobahn. The roads of Armenia are located around mountains and slopes, serpentines and narrow paths make the heart beat faster.



Photo of Yerevan

Photo of Yerevan

Armenia is a special country with a bright color and deep history.

The rich and beautiful nature – mountains, lakes, meadows and forests, blooming land, attracting tourists from different parts of the world.

The capital of Armenia is Yerevan, a city containing a huge number of architectural and religious monuments: a mosque, the Church of St. Katoghike, St. Astvatsatsin, the Cathedral of St. Gregory the Enlightener, the ruins of the churches of St. Poghos-Petros, St. Grigor Lusavorch. Erebuni Fortress is a very ancient architectural landmark of Yerevan. The natural grandeur of the city is complemented by a multitude of light compositions, singing, and musical fountains, fruit gardens and green forests pleasantly please the eye.

The major cities of Armenia are Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor.

Mount Ararat rises above the plain of the river Arak, flowing meltwater from the top drops down, forming new fertile gifts.

The cascade is a monumental building representing artistically decorated stairs with fountains, flower gardens, and sculptures.

The Muslim Cathedral, operating in the capital – the Blue Mosque, located on Mashtots Avenue.

Climate and nature

The climate here is often changeable, it is associated with large elevation differences, the temperature in summer is from 25 degrees and higher, in winter – a more dramatic difference: from -5 degrees and below, always sunny weather.

Photo of lake Sevan

Photo of lake Sevan

is a kind of freshwater sea, a popular resort in Armenia, famous for its trout fish. There are also many rivers in the country that belong to the Caspian Sea basin.

Nature is diverse with its medicinal plants. Ararat plain center of growing of cereals and wheat.

Hotels in

Airports of Armenia: Shinyar, Shirak, Stepanavan.

Hotels: “Vanatur”, “Plaza Victoria”, “Araks” are modern hotels with comfortable living conditions and an excellent service system.