Spain is an interesting country worth visiting. Now the format of independent travel is gaining popularity. Tourists prefer not to go with an organized group, and make up the route in person. At the same time, it will be convenient to rent a car.

Photo of Madrid

Photo of Madrid

Where a car comes in handy

Drawing up a route begins with a selection of cities you want to visit and interesting sights that deserve attention. A rented car will be useful if:

  • you have selected several cities and need to move between them;
  • The selected city has many interesting places. To be able to see them all, the car will definitely not be superfluous. For example, Barcelona. Its attractions include the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​Park Guell and many other objects. Architectural sights are interesting: the house of Batlló and the house of Mila;
  • the object that you decide to visit has a large area. For example, in Girona, there is Teide National Park. The park is famous for its volcano. To visit the volcano, you can use the car. The beauty of the natural park can be seen from April to June.
Photo of Park Guell in Barcelona

Photo of Park Guell in Barcelona

Where to rent a car

There is a large network of offices in the country, suitable for choosing any vehicle. The lease term is different. In the cities offer services to local firms and companies with international level. When renting, it is important to carefully read the conditions in order not to miss possible additional payments.

You can avoid any unpleasant surprises with advance car rental. You can use the services using Internet services. In this case, you can be sure of the final rental price, which will remain unchanged even after arriving in the country.

Ways to rent a car:

  • contact the car rental at the airport or already in the city. At airports, almost all provide their services rental companies. This place is popular among those who prefer to rent a car, as the price will be lower due to the lack of transfer;
  • order car delivery by location;
  • use the site for car rental. Pre-booking is convenient because you can catch a cheap car. But if you cancel, you will have to pay a fine.

Requirements for car rental

Requirements for car rental are as follows: The

  1. driver must be over 21 years old.
  2. Driving experience should be more than a year.
  3. Having a driver’s license, preferably an international sample.
  4. Credit card with a deposit.

Driving Features

In Spain, there are many multi-level interchanges. Movement is recorded by a large number of cameras. Approximately one-fifth of the roads in Spain are paid. Parking in big cities is also likely to be paid.

Rent a car gives you the opportunity to see many interesting places where there are no tourist crowds, and to save a lot. During the trip, you can get to know the local population and get to know the country from the inside.