Mauritius, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, annually attracts lovers of eternal summer. They rush here for crystal white beaches, wildlife and luxury service. This is a rather expensive direction, despite this, the newlyweds prefer to spend time here and celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Mauritius offers excellent opportunities for diving – the underwater world here is so beautiful that it can amaze even experienced divers with its magnificence.

Transport Mauritius

The most affordable option to travel around the island is to use local buses. Here is an extensive network of public transport. The fare is quite acceptable. Taxi services cost relatively more, but you should be prepared for the fact that many drivers do not use meters.

Photo of the boat

Photo of the boat

A more profitable and comfortable way to travel is to book a car in advance for rent. This will require internationally recognized rights. Some rental cars allow car rental to persons under 21 years old, however this is the exception rather than the norm. There is a left-hand traffic on the island, so you should take the appropriate rental car. In addition to a rented car, you can book a scooter for travel along the coast.

The beaches of Mauritius

The whole island is covered with clean white sandy beaches – they are all in immaculate condition. Local infrastructure provides daily cleaning of the beaches. Since the island is located in the immediate vicinity of the equator, here the activity of the sun always remains at a high level – do not forget about means for protection from ultraviolet radiation.

One of the most popular places among both tourists and locals is Flic-en-Flac Beach. Not far from it is a national reserve. Those who love a relaxed atmosphere will love Bel-Mar Beach. More disco option – Pereybere, ready to offer a lot of entertainment.

Photo of the beach

Photo of the beach

Sights of Mauritius

Visit the interesting places of the island from Cape Cape Malere – there is a small carved church on it. For trekking fans, the Black River National Park is a wilderness world with routes laid out for tourists. In the southwest of the island there is another Blue Bay Marine Park – this is a favorite place for divers.

The botanical garden of Mauritius occupy an impressive territory, which contains an impressive collection of flora. More than half a thousand species of plants, both terrestrial and aquatic, grow here. In the garden you can see dilapidated buildings, which gives the area even more colorful appearance.