Photo of Riga

Riga on a rented car: from medieval streets to extravagant buildings

Written on 9th August 2019 in Latvia

The capital of Latvia is a separate country where you can find 19th-century groomed parks, cobbled streets, temples, and dazzling modern buildings. The most convenient way to inspect it is to rent a car. Here everything is cozy and charming. The architecture in Riga winds from wooden buildings to modern, from modern to gothic. In...

Photo of the street in Riga

The most important sights of Riga – the cultural center of Latvia

Written on 19th July 2019 in Around the world

Riga is one of the most visited cities in Latvia. Its historical part has retained its former atmosphere: a series of old buildings in combination with modern buildings create a unique look. In addition, the city is ready to offer its guests a vibrant nightlife, many shopping centers, a developed infrastructure of restaurants and cafes....

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