In hot Dubai, you will not be bored; there are festivals and events both based on long-standing traditions and meeting the latest trends. In the city, you can rent a car that will meet all modern requirements. However, it is worth considering that if you look at an on-site car rental company, then this service will be several times more expensive. Much more profitable and budget, you can rent a car in the network, and pick it up at the airport. Before you a rental car, it’s worth considering that in Dubai it is customary to strictly follow the rules of driving, otherwise, you will not avoid fines.

Al Marmum in Dubai

Photo of a camel

Photo of a camel in Dubai

They honor the traditions and customs of their people. Camels – the ships of the desert, in fact, the symbols of the Emirates. These animals are treated with respect by the nomads of the desert.

In the spring, the city hosts a traditional heritage festival, Al Marmum, and camel races are organized at a special hippodrome. This entertainment came from past centuries, the difference is that visitors can see races on the modern hippodrome, and the winner gets a multi-million dollar prize.

For visitors organize an interesting cultural program. Visiting the event you can see traditional dances, get acquainted with the crafts and traditions of the Bedouins, listen to national music.

Unusual event

The Middle East is not associated with fantasy, at the same time, it is in Dubai that the festival of comics takes place. This is one of the largest thematic festivals, which takes place in the World Trade Center.

In the days of the festival in Dubai gathering fans of comics. Here you can see and take autographs from famous actors, learn about the latest innovations in the field of fantasy, take part in virtual battles.

Dubai does not skimp on the scenery, anyone can rent costumes of cosplay characters to participate in contests and sports entertainment.

The main art fair

Photo of the Miracle Garden in Dubai

Photo of the Miracle Garden in Dubai

Art Dubai is the largest contemporary art exhibition in the region. The exhibition presents works of art from 30 or more countries of the world. This is a prestigious fair, so leading art galleries take part in it.

You can see representatives of the ruling house and the local nobility at this exhibition. Sheikh emirate himself oversees the event.

The exhibition is dedicated to the

  • art of the Middle East;
  • contemporary European art;
  • art retrospective of one of the participating countries.

Jazz in Dubai

Dubai attracts the attention of tourists with its versatility. In February there is a jazz music festival. Dubai Jazz Festival is the main cultural event of the city.

The most famous jazz and rock performers are invited to the festival. The regular participants of the festival are Sting, Carlos Santana, and Deep Purple. The event is held in the open air and gathers thousands of fans.

It is better to buy tickets for the festival in advance, as it is very popular and there may simply not be tickets.