Pyatigorsk is a city in the Stavropol Territory, which is a multi-resort. This is the heart of the region Caucasian Mineral Waters. Here you can enjoy health tourism and active pastime. The city has more than 40 sources of healing water. In addition to medical procedures, the city hosts a lot of different events and activities for each taste and character.

car rental

Rent a car would be the best way to get around the city for any tourist. Hiring a car, you can inspect it and take part in exciting events. The main thing is to book a car for rent online, so as not to be distracted from the rest in search of a rental company. In Pyatigorsk, there are many large car rental firms, so you can choose the most profitable options at low rates.

New Year’s urban traditions and holidays

Photo of the New Year tree ornament

Photo of the New Year tree ornament

Every year, traditionally, in Pyatigorsk, January 1 to 10, Christmas and New Year holidays are held. The Main Tree is celebrating the New Year with a specially prepared holiday program. A skating rink is being built around the administration building, which gathers and unites different generations of local residents and visiting tourists.

On Christmas Eve, the festival of traditional creativity “Christmas meetings” opens. It is conducted in order to teach everyone to honor traditions, to arrange a celebration of spirituality, to support and discover new talents, and also to raise charitable funds.

City festivals

Every year in Pyatigorsk they hold a children’s holiday “Art Parade of Heroes of Fairy Tales”. Interestingly, to participate in the festival does not need to register in advance or pay. They also organize a jazz art festival to introduce and acquaint children and teenagers with jazz, as well as to preserve and promote this musical genre.

Photo of juzz men

Photo of juzz men

Interesting events

In February, a citywide festive event is held at the Operetta Theater, which is dedicated to the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, handed over letters and letters of thanks. Shrovetide is celebrated in Pyatigorsk in a big way and in a big way – this is a favorite holiday of entertainment and games, local creative groups in all parts of the city perform here, and the most important celebration is held in Kirov Park. On the eve of the International Women’s Day, every cultural institution prepares a holiday, hold concerts, various exhibitions. Various mass events are planned in honor of the Victory Day celebration, including the Festive Parade, as well as fireworks at the Glade of Songs. And this is not all events and activities that take place in Pyatigorsk.