In this country weaved together several cultures, namely Arab, European and African. It is surrounded on the north side by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the south by the Sahara desert. Its most popular resorts are Djerba, Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse. Arriving once in Tunis, travelers decide to return here again. With each new trip, the country opens up on a new side, which it did not notice last time.

Car for rent

Immediately after arriving in Tunisia, you can pick up a rental car at the car delivery counter at the airport, however services should be ordered in advance. For reservation rental car will require the rights of international standard, as well as a credit card. Large representatives of rental companies often offer their customers substantial discounts. At the same time, local car rental firms often raise fares at the height of the tourist season. To save money, you can rent a car long before your trip by making a reservation on the Internet.


There are many natural and historical sights in Tunisia. The Sahara desert is one of them, carrying tourists from any corner of this eastern country. It amazes with its infinity and sand dunes of large sizes. It was in the Sahara that the scene for the movie “Star Wars” was filmed. “Episode IV. New Hope”.

Photo of Sahara desert

Photo of Sahara desert

The ancient city of Carthage is popular with travelers no less than the desert. For several thousand years this one has been one of the most economically developed cities in the world. It was founded before Rome itself, but now only ruins are preserved from antiquities.

The fortress of Gazi Mustafa is a monument located on the waterfront of the resort of Djerba. It was built in the 9th century by the conquerors of northern Africa as a defensive structure to protect against pirate raids.

Kirkuan – the only one of the most ancient Phoenician settlements. It is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Foundation.

This is one of the most famous landmarks of the country. It also has a lot of incredibly beautiful mosques and many museums. Tunisia is also famous for its diving sites and hot springs.


The climate in the country is divided into two zones. In the north of the state dominated by the Mediterranean, and in its southern part – tropical desert. The average temperature in the winter months is kept at + 10 ° С in the northern regions, in the southern ones it reaches + 21 ° С. And in the summer season, the thermometer steadily stays at + 26 ° C, and in the south there is an exhausting heat at + 35 ° C. In Tunisia, a lot of sunny days per year and tourists come here for thalassotherapy.

Beaches and the sea

Photo of the beach in Tunisia

Photo of the beach in Tunisia

The coastline of the state has a length of 800 km. The beaches of Tunisia are sandy and stony. On the sandy beaches dominated by white sand. They can easily compete with beaches in Turkey or Egypt.

The sea of ​​Tunisia has an incredible blue and transparency. It is very comfortable to swim in it. In this state, the tourist season lasts from May to mid-November.