Morocco does not cease to please visiting tourists – despite the fact that Casablanca is not considered to be a tourist destination, it has considerable popularity and can really surprise every traveler. Than? Modern technology and old buildings, temples and mosques, markets and an amazing set of colors, colors, and tastes.

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The mosque of extraordinary beauty

Photo of the Hassan Mosque

Photo of the Hassan Mosque

Hassan Mosque is a favorite place of all visitors without exception and for good reason – the 210-meter minaret seems to be erected in a blue height, the architectural concept is striking in its thoughtfulness, and its appearance makes it necessary to stop time for a moment and enjoy the beauty of engineering.

The Palace, as if from a fairy tale

Another wonderful place in the new Medina, which is a must-see, is a magnificent fairy-tale palace called Mahkam-du-Pasha, repeatedly described in the story “A Thousand and Another Night”, which hid more than sixty behind its mighty walls halls. Each of them has its own unique design and really strikes with its elegance and southern refinement, one hall is more luxurious and more beautiful than the other.

Large Park

On hot and hot weekdays, you can relax and unwind in the largest and greenest park in Casablanca – in the Park of the League of Arab States. Beautiful and picturesque nature in the center of the city and with free entrance, which could be even better for a break between sightseeing walks. Here you can enjoy the clean cool air.

Incredible Medina

Photo of the port

Photo of the port

Having gained strength, you should go to get acquainted with the Moroccan Medina – there are two of them in the city – the old and the new. Old Medina for lovers of this exotic – the color of colors and colors can just “fly” your eyes. The new Medina can surprise you with its modern shops, exhibitions, boutiques and, of course, cafes and catering places where you can taste the traditional Casablanca traditional dishes prepared according to the recipes of olden times. Literally, a minute stay in the new Medina will take tourists to a real Arab city, for this the local engineers have worked hard.

These are just some of the attractions – Casablanca is ready to offer many more places to visit.