There are so many tourist routes in the UK that it is very difficult to choose the right one, especially if you are going to visit the country for the first time. Therefore, we chose the most standard, since London should be the exit point. From it, we went to Cambridge – a town located on the River Cam, which is in the east of foggy Albion. The distance between the cities is small – just over 65 miles. Of course, the car was booked in advance and received immediately at the airport. So it came out much cheaper and more convenient.

From London to Cambridge

Photo of King's College, Cambridge

Photo of King’s College, Cambridge

So, the journey took no more than an hour. To get to Cambridge by rental car can be on two routes, but we opted for the highway M11. The hardest thing was getting used to the right-hand traffic. The quality of roads is everywhere at a high level, but you need to be prepared for the fact that along the way, the speed limit signs can be overlooked – they are often ivy-covered. In this case, it is worth adhering to the standard rules – outside the city about 96 km / h.

We got to the city quickly, left the rented car in the parking lot and looked in for lunch at the local restaurant Trinity Restaurant. Already at the entrance, the building was impressed by the purely British style, but the menu here turned out to be even more memorable. Ordered pork and duck brisket with excellent sauce. Particularly surprised by the portion of french fries. This place, of course, is not the cheapest in Cambridge, but instead of the standard fish and chips dishes, you can choose completely original options.

Visit Emmanuel College

There are more than 30 colleges in the city. We decided to visit the College of Emmanuel. This is not the oldest educational institution of Cambridge, it was founded only in 1584. But in general, his visit allows you to appreciate the color of the city – the British architecture of the 16th century, the abundance of ornamental shrubs, smooth-cut lawn, neatly paved paths and no hint of rubbish on the streets. By the way, almost every college is known for its church. We managed to visit the oldest of them St. Benet Church.

The River Kam

Photo of competitions on flat-boats in Cambridge

Photo of competitions on flat-boats in Cambridge

Having walked around the city, we went to the River Kam – today it has turned into an arena for competitions on flat-boats. They are carried out by both locals and tourists, although the latter has succeeded in this. Sport is such rowing difficult to call, rather fun entertainment.

On the way, Honville and Guy College were also examined. He is ranked fourth in age. And of course, it was not without numerous red telephone booths – they are found everywhere in Britain. At this acquaintance with Cambridge had to be completed, but time was not wasted. This is a cozy, slightly provincial when compared to London, a city that has kept the spirit of antiquity.