Slovak cuisine is simple, clear and pleasant to look at. For many years, the culinary traditions of the country were shaped under the strong influence of cultures of countries such as Hungary and Austria. Most local cuisine is based on several basic ingredients – meat, cheese, dumplings.

Slovak traditional cheeses

On the table of any local resident, it is mandatory to see cheese, and in the largest variety. The most popular varieties – parenitsa and bolt. The first, unlike the second, is prepared in the form of cheese ribbons, which are aged for a long time in salt water. Such cheese is most often smoked. The main ingredient is sheep’s milk (at least 50% of the composition). The name parenits appeared because of the peculiarities of the preparation of this cheese – when it is thrown into water, strong steam is formed.

Photo of cheese

Photo of cheese

Gastronomy of Slovakia

Spiš Spit is the most popular traditional dish among Slovaks. It is an aromatic meat goulash, cooked with mushrooms and potatoes, more precisely potato pancakes.

Longoshi is a no less tasty and common dish in Slovak cuisine. These are fried donuts, which are most often served with garlic, cheese or sour cream sauces.

In honor of the locals various soups from vegetables, mushrooms, with the addition of meat. The menu of cafes and restaurants always present confectionery. Slovak pancakes with peaches are a true national culinary masterpiece. Borrowed and some of the traditions of neighboring Austria. For example, many Slovaks consider their “Vienna strudel”.

Goose Feasts

Going on a gastronomic tour of Slovakia, you should take part in goose feasts. Traditionally they start in September and last until the end of the year. At the time of the holidays, the south of the country turns into one continuous feast – the smell of baked geese is felt everywhere. Such events are famous for the village called Slovensky Sepulcher, located near Bratislava. Every year the event attracts more than fifty thousand tourists from all over the world. Here the goose is cooked according to a company recipe.

By the way, the name of the settlement translates literally as “mound”. It is noteworthy that the locals do not grow geese themselves, but prefer to buy them from neighboring villages.

Photo of baked goose

Photo of baked goose

Local drinks

As for alcoholic beverages, beer is in honor in Slovakia. The quality of the drink is not inferior to the famous Czech beer, and some tourists say that the Slovak equivalent is somewhat better. To try the beer in Slovakia, it is enough to visit any of the breweries.

Another traditional drink, Borovychka, is made from juniper. Of the varieties of liquor, the locals prefer Demänovka. The recipe of the drink includes a mixture of herbs and fragrant fruits.