Greece is a picturesque country with a rich historical heritage. At the same time, there are corners in it, which can be reached by a rental car, which greatly facilitates movement. Despite the fact that few tourists know the Greek language, you can always do without incident. Almost all signs and information signs are duplicated in English.

The nuances of car rental

Photo of Symi

Photo of Symi

For urban travel, it is more expedient to take an economical compact car, all the fault of the cork and a limited parking space. On a trip through the mountains, it is better to use the rental of off-road cars.

If on your way met the sign “RENT A CAR”, then this is exactly the place you were looking for. During the holiday season it is better to book a car in advance, preferably through the hotel – in the event of an accident you will be supported, and a legally unclean car will not be slipped to you. Rent a personal car will cost you a little more than three thousand rubles, or 50 euros per day.

In some rental companies, customers are allowed not to leave a deposit, but your funds on the card will be frozen immediately – here you have to decide which option to use.

The legal side of the lease

For free movement in a European country, you will need: an

  • international certificate, in some cases, our Russian license is enough;
  • age – more than 21 years with experience of at least one year.

The cost of rent always includes insurance against theft or fire, CASCO (CDW) and insurance with a deductible.

Photo of streets of Athens

Photo of streets of Athens

Fuel in Greece

In Greece, you can meet gasoline brands 95 and 98 with diesel fuel (petroleum). Gasoline on the mainland is always cheaper than on the islands. The approximate price of one liter of 98 will be 1.75 euros.

Traffic rules

Greece is the leading country in terms of traffic accidents, you should be extremely careful. Compliance with the signs of restriction of high-speed traffic and parking will block you from additional fines. Do not forget about the dipped headlights during the day, because of him, too, there may be problems. Also, check the completeness of your rental car: warning triangle, first aid kit.

Toll roads

In Greece, along with free ones, there are a lot of toll sites, the price of travel is usually up to 5 euros. For example, travel through the main transport artery of the country, which stretches from west to east, will be 2.4 euros for one paid section, for a total of five.


As in any European city, in Greece, there is a shortage of parking spaces. Usually, parking costs 2-5 euros per hour, although you can find such parking, where for this amount you will be allowed to leave the car for an unlimited period. When traveling to Greece, renting a car, it is better to leave it in paid parking lots, otherwise, the police will remove your numbers – you will be issued a large fine.