Moldova’s interesting from various sides – this is the mass of Orthodox architectural monuments, simple national cuisine, reasonable prices in hotels. However, many go here for the holidays and festivals. Solemn events and events are filled with values ​​and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.

Wine Festival

Despite the fact that Moldova is not the most popular tourist destination in Eastern Europe, long-term winemaking traditions await tourists in this country. In honor of this drink even held a festival in October. Wine Day is celebrated at the national level in Chisinau, in October, when the grape harvest is completed.

The traditions of wine in the country originate from the 15th century. As part of the celebration, beverage producers present their products on stands decorated in traditional style. The festival is accompanied by performances by musicians and dance groups. At the festival, besides wine tasting, visitors are invited to try delicious national dishes.

Photo of a glass of wine

Photo of a glass of wine

Other customs and holidays

In the fall, locals prefer to celebrate not only the grape harvest, but also to arrange wedding events. According to tradition, the custom to give gifts to newlyweds in Moldova is referred to as Masa Mare. Usually the most expensive gift gets from the planted parents.

Another distinctive holiday is called Martisor – it is celebrated on March 1. As it has been the custom since ancient times, everyone on this day gives each other handmade jewelery. As a rule, these are woven together red and white threads decorated with flowers. They are not taken off for a month, wearing on the left side of the chest. At the end of this period, the decoration is hung on the wall in the house, and a wish is made up. Interestingly, this holiday is also celebrated in Romania, and Bulgaria has its own version – Baba Marta. On this day, it is customary to give each other marteniches.

All Moldovans are also united by the tradition of throwing grain in the house on New Year’s Eve – a symbol of a rich harvest. On Christmas, children go home and wish everyone well-being in the coming year.

Photo of the cards for Martisor

Photo of the cards for Martisor

National Costume Day

In Moldova, special attention is paid to traditional clothing – a property that the locals are trying to preserve. So, in June, a celebration is held in the country dedicated to the national costume. As part of the event, shows are held where you can get acquainted with the symbols used to create traditional attire. The value of embroidery, ornaments, wealth of patterns and much more is hidden in the brightly decorated costumes.