Bucharest is one of the most visited and popular cities in Romania. The concentration of the entire cultural component of the country. A colorful atmosphere reigns here, with a rich history at every turn. The amazing sights of Bucharest are not the only reason why many tourists come here every year. Bright, unusual and memorable holidays, festivals and carnivals of the city attract the attention of travelers from all over the world.

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Spring Festival

Participation in the national holidays of Romania is a great way to get acquainted with the traditions, customs, and character of the country. Bucharest is often called the “city of the holiday”, as a huge number of events take place here every year. The solemn calendar begins in early March. The first day of the month will be marked by the Spring Holidays. This is one of the oldest celebrations in all of Romania, with many legends associated with it. The main attribute of the holiday is wicker jewelry made from red and white threads, called “martsishor”. It is given on a holiday to all relatives, friends, and relatives.


Photo of wine

Photo of wine

Festival Harvesting grapes – another reason to visit Bucharest in the fall. Local residents on September 13 celebrate another important holiday associated with the wine traditions of the city. Ceremonial events take place in the largest wine places, anyone can try local wines and buy a bottle of the drink they like.

George Enescu Music Festival

In the same month, the George Enescu Music Festival is held. The festival is held in various locations, and among its participants, you can see many famous personalities – famous orchestras, opera musicians, eminent conductors, and singers.

Outernational days

Fans of music will enjoy the Outernational days festival held in summer. In July, the event gathers many lovers of folk music from all over the world. The festival takes place on the stage Gradina Uranus, where special attention is paid to the folk music of Romania. Participants of the celebration can enjoy the performances of gypsy orchestras.

Other holidays

Photo of narcissuses

Photo of narcissuses

In May, when Bucharest begins to bloom, residents solemnly celebrate the Narcissus Festival. In the same month, there are festivals of photography, jazz, and blues. Transylvanian International Festival starts in June. At this time, the city is filled with lovers of craftsmanship, pottery, as well as weaving.