In Canada, my beloved wife and I gathered for a honeymoon. No, of course, everyone said, they say, why are you not going to the Maldives or to Thailand? But my wife and I had mutual places to visit the Niagara Falls and look at the Great Lakes. And then the financial question played an important role. Since we received money for the wedding, we chose such an unusual and rather expensive route.


Hotel booked in Toronto for two days, and then there were several more hotels in various romantic places around the lakes. Booked a rental car online, already taken in Toronto. They wanted to take First, some cool car rental, but then my wife said that we do not really need it. You can save on this. Therefore, our rental car was an economy class. But on the hotels did not save.

Photo of the streets of Toronto

Photo of the streets of Toronto

At the point of issuing cars we were given a Mercedes, almost new with a small mileage. So we were pleased. But first I’ll tell you a little about Toronto. The city is beautiful, big and noisy. We just walked wherever our eyes looked, enjoyed freedom, and dined in nice cafes. The most important thing that we remember is the Tower of the CN Tower. We climbed to the top by elevator, got out and were stunned! From there, from a height of 553 meters, such views opened! From there we saw Lake Ontario. It was a very memorable experience.

Toronto was remembered for its architecture, a mixture of modern skyscrapers and old houses. On some streets there are a lot of interesting huge graffiti, all sorts of cool monuments, such as a thimble monument.

Niagara Falls The

hotel we booked overlooked the waterfall. It was something extraordinary! And in general, we seem to have completely guessed with Canada, because from such a natural beauty that we saw there, we just went crazy with my wife! The Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa has four stars, and we spent three nights there, which we remember for a lifetime, I think so.

Photo of Niagara Falls

Photo of Niagara Falls

We went to see waterfalls every day. There are many species platforms, and you can look at the water indefinitely, just be sure to wear raincoats, otherwise you will come back from the walk all wet.

In addition, we traveled by car for rent to various natural parks around the lakes, looked at rivers and forests, held picnics, saw different animals in national parks. We made a walk on a steamboat near the waterfall, which was also an absolutely amazing sight.

I understand that someone likes to spend their honeymoon in Thailand, but such species and such forests and waterfalls cannot be, as it seems to me to be seen anywhere else. And my wife and I decided that we really want to repeat this trip in five years, but, of course, on a different program!