Portugal was bypassed by the tourist wave – here you will not see so many tourists like in Spain or France. This is a more expensive direction, designed for wealthy people. Portugal is famous for its historical heritage, a large number of attractions, opportunities for diving, resorts and beautiful nature. Locals of Portugal carefully preserve their traditions and hospitably welcome guests – here you can truly feel comfortable life in all its manifestations.

The climate of Portugal

Photo of nature in Portugal

Photo of nature in Portugal

The weather here is pleasant throughout the year – without sudden temperature fluctuations. The sea climate is mild, the summer is dry, without precipitation and heat. On average, the air temperature reaches +20 degrees, a bit cooler in the highlands. The best period for the trip is from May to October, at which time the weather in Portugal is most favorable.

Swim most comfortable in places washed by the Atlantic. North of Lisbon, the coast is more conducive to sunbathing. Surfers go to Portugal in the spring when you can catch the most powerful waves.

Rent a car in Portugal

Leasers offer in this direction favorable prices – in any season in Portugal you can book low-cost rental cars. To rent a car you will need a license and a credit card. Most car rental companies are required to leave a deposit for a rental car. The quality of roads in the country remains average. In some cases, tourists, renting a car, find it difficult to understand road signs, so the navigator will be useful. Traveling by car for rent, as well as by any other transport, on high-speed highways requires payment.

The beaches of Portugal

Photo of beach in Portugal

Photo of beach in Portugal

In the country, the beaches are universally municipal, but for the opportunity to use beach accessories you will have to pay a sum of several euros. On the territory of the Lisbon Riviera is dominated by sandy beaches, and as for Madeira, there are mainly pebbles. The noisiest beach, located in close proximity to Lisbon, is called Carcavelos. It has everything for outdoor activities – from bars and restaurants to opportunities for surfers.

Diving in Portugal

This is one of the most popular water sports in the country – diving to the depth attracts most tourists. The magnificence of the underwater world amazes even experienced divers. The divers are most active in the Madeira region: there is excellent visibility, there are underwater caves, sunken ships, and coral reefs and fish surprise with their beauty.