Have you ever been to Hungary? In this rich sights of a hospitable country, allowing you to plunge into the history and feel the emotions of people of that time. Here the spirit of antiquity and modernity intertwines. I strongly recommend starting the journey from Budapest. This is one of the most beautiful European capitals located on the two banks of the Danube.

For the first time, I got to this city by plane, landing at the largest of Budapest’s 5 airports – the name of Franz Liszt. It turned out to be harmoniously equipped with a developed infrastructure for passengers.

For the period of my trip, I planned to visit all the main sights, travel along the capital’s streets, spend several nights in a hotel and be sure to try Hungarian dishes. Next, I laid a route to Debrecen, Eger, and Pec.


Photo of the  Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Photo of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge

If you want to visit as many interesting places as possible without haste to look around and take plenty of photos, not to depend on public transport and, importantly, to return to the hotel when you want, I recommend renting a car.

I did just that, right at the airport, there are racks for issuing rental cars, turning to one of them in a short time received my keys, documents, and a car. It offers a choice of different models, which makes it possible to use their services to people of varying degrees of security.

Transport is issued on bail so have the necessary amount with you. Its size can be found in advance by calling or writing an email to car rental companies. It depends on the make and general condition of the machine. There are requirements for the tenant – age over 21 years, driving experience from 1-3 years.

Roads and Landmarks

The roadbeds in this country left the best impressions, although in Budapest in the old part you can find cobbled roads and I do not advise you to drive along secondary and local country roads. A lot of money is invested in the reconstruction of roads, their maintenance in a qualitative condition, especially, this concerns international highways, toll road sections. I was surprised that the free roads were perfect, the rental car slid along them as if on the surface of the sea, this served as a guarantee of its safety.

Be sure to install on your device a guide to Hungary and a Russian-Hungarian phrasebook. Most of the population does not speak English, although there are those who understand a little Russian, and here it will be easier to navigate.

Examine the gradation of speed limits and differences in the rules of the road. They are insignificant, but their knowledge will help to avoid fines.


Photo of Budapest in winter

Photo of Budapest in winter

The climate in Hungary is mild, moderately cold winters are warm and long spring and autumn, cool sunny summer. Whatever time you choose, a comfortable time is provided for you. Since I was going to travel for two weeks and visit the water park I flew in the summer, so I was able to avoid falling into the rain. With all the benevolence of climatic conditions, the rain here is frankly torrential.

I had a great time, this country will forever remain in my heart in my memories, in numerous photographs. At the end of the trip, I safely exchanged a rented car for a deposit and left the direct flight home. I’m not sure that I will soon be able to repeat the journey, but I would give everything to try it again!