Slavic worship of traditions and customs is expressed in the celebration of numerous events. Bratislava hosts most of the events in Slovakia. Here they worship religious traditions, but at the same time, they follow the flow of time and hold all sorts of festivals. You have not had time to choose a rental car to travel to Bratislava? It’s time to take care of this! We tell you what events you should not miss. And this will help you properly selected car for hire. Go!

Traditional holidays

Photo of the folk products at the folk holiday

Photo of the folk products at the folk holiday

Bratislava is an ancient city, the walls of which serve as decorations for various holidays. Take a rental car with a navigator – it will become your best assistant on the roads of Bratislava. By the way, at the largest airport in Milan, Rastislav Štefánik, you can find rental desks of such famous companies as Budget and Buchbinder.

Let us return to the holidays of Bratislava, in the city on a grand scale celebrate:

  • Day of the Epiphany;
  • Maslenitsa;
  • Coronation Day.

In Bratislava, the New Year is traditionally celebrated, but the Day of the Epiphany, as a holiday will be interesting for tourists. On January 6, the city is transformed, carnival seasons begin, costumed performances take place throughout the city. These days are also called the Days of the Three Kings. The children are dressed up in the costumes of the rulers, and they become symbols of the Magi, who present gifts to little Jesus.

Maslenitsa or Fashank, another national holiday, which is accompanied by celebrations and dances. By tradition, at the end of February, carols are performed. On this holiday owners go around the city, the main dish on the tables is pancakes and an effigy that symbolizes winter is burned at the stake.

Unusual in the celebration of Carnival, is the performance of a dance with sabers, which is worth seeing because of its entertainment.

At the beginning of autumn in Bratislava, there is a celebration of the brightest event – the Day of the Coronation. Actors and residents of the city dress up in costumes of the Austrian suite, on the street are theatrical performances and productions, which tell the story of the coronation of the Hungarian and Austrian rulers.

Festivals of Bratislava

Photo of beer

Photo of beer

Many festivals are associated with drinking and culinary traditions. For example, the famous Beer Festival, which is attended by tourists from different countries. During the festival, guests taste different types of drinks. For the participants of the festival hold competitions and contests. The holiday is held in a big way and is considered one of the most fun in the country.

In November, there are Days of tasting or Days of open cellars. By the middle of autumn young wine ripens and in the city, you can taste different varieties of this drink. A ticket is purchased to participate in the festival, allowing you to sample wines from the cellars along the entire route of the festival. Traditionally, the holiday is held on Friday and Saturday.

In January, jazz fans come to Bratislava, as this month they have traditional Jazz Days, which are attended by world-class performers.

In spring, the city hosts an international festival of Bratislava music celebrations. The festival lasts two weeks, during which you can listen to the chamber and symphony orchestras. The repertoire of classical and modern music.

Each month of the year is characterized by some event, most of the holidays in the city take place on the streets, which allows without significant financial expenses to get acquainted with the traditions and culture of Slovakia.