Mexico is a South American country that attracts the attention of tourists with national cuisine, traditions and holidays. Having hired a car, you can see its most colorful corners, take part in the most vivid and memorable events.

Mexican Carnival

So, when you already have a car for rent, it’s time to go to the famous holiday in Mexico – the traditional carnival. The largest number of tourists flock here during the carnival. And this is due to the fact that the Mexican carnival is almost as large as the Brazilian one.

Do not rush to rent a car back. Before Lent passes carnival week. For this holiday carnival participants are preparing all year. Music does not fall silent in the cities all week, street parades take place, everywhere you can see people dancing, and fireworks and fireworks are launched into the sky. Participants of the carnival are not limited in the choice of costumes, there are both traditional bright women’s dresses and men’s suits with a sombrero, and frank outfits in the style of the Brazilian carnival.

An interesting tradition in this period is to wear masks. According to beliefs, they are called to drive away evil spirits. In order to join the mass fun can be purchased to participate in the celebration, such as clown masks, which are sold in all the souvenir shops. Traditionally, at the end of the holiday, choose the Queen of the carnival.

The holiday of the Dead

Photo of a girl at the Day of the Dead

Photo of a girl at the Day of the Dead

Rental car in Mexico is much more convenient than public transport. This will tell you any tourist. Therefore, renting a car, go to another massive holiday in the country.

In Mexico, the dead are revered, in the souvenir shops of the country most of all sell skeletons, skulls, paintings of the dead in bright clothes and hats. For the Mexicans, the feast of the dead is no reason for sorrow. On the contrary, on this day they rejoice and are preparing to meet with the departed relatives.

In the street processions involved Mexicans dressed in unusual outfits. White paint and skulls are painted on their faces. Altars with offerings are set up in the streets of the city, and the sounds of ancient music are heard from the windows of houses.

Travelers participating in the traditional celebration. Girls on this day can wear a Katrina costume – a symbol of the Day of the Dead. Moreover, it is not difficult to do this, you need only a European dress, hat and makeup on the face.

National holidays

Photo of Mexico in the Independence Day

Photo of Mexico in the Independence Day

The brightest holidays that are celebrated at the state level in Mexico are the New Year and Independence Day.

September 16, Mexico celebrates Independence Day. Mexicans are very patriotic people, and on this day flags are hung on flagpoles in front of every house. Popular festivals are held everywhere, and the saying “Long live Mexico!” Is heard. The bells, processions in national costumes and performances will long be remembered.

Everyone can participate in the celebration of the New Year in Mexico. In the central squares of cities and villages arrange performances with national dances of Mexican Indians. The main symbol of the holiday is the pinata, a papier-mâché doll filled with various sweets. Anyone who can break the piñata with his eyes closed is considered the winner and will be happy all year.

Fun is accompanied by bright fireworks that run all night into the sky.