Miami is a city of holidays, exciting events, parties and events. Anyone can find something to do for your taste and character. Entertainment, film festivals, music concerts, fashion shows from leading designers of the world, exciting shows, world-class sports matches and, of course, non-stop discos and beach parties. And this is only a small fraction of what goes on in sunny Miami.

Photo of the park at night

Photo of the park at night

It is very easy to find car rental companies in Miami – this city is ready to offer the widest choice of offers. To do this, it is enough to have driving experience of at least one year old and be over 21 years old. If you book a rental car in advance, you can choose the most profitable options. After the rental service, representatives of the rental company will request a special voucher confirming the reservation. The car rental, as a rule, is issued already with a full tank of gasoline. Already at the time of returning the rental car, the company also needs to ensure that the tank is full, otherwise, you will be charged an additional fee.

Spring Carnival

Spring Carnival is one of the most interesting events. During its passage, anyone can get acquainted with the Latin American character and temperament. Not a word in English, fat cigars, fragrant smoke, and only rumba.

New Year

Despite the fact that the city is warm almost all year round, the locals are very fond of the winter holiday – the New Year. Already in December, local institutions are decorated, sparkling champagne appears in the menu, and at nightfall, the city begins to sparkle and glitter, the light of the garlands burns brighter than lanterns, Christmas songs and melodies are played everywhere and Santa Clauses in disguise go.

Orchid Festival

Photo of orchids

Photo of orchids

This event is known worldwide and is considered one of the most anticipated events. Each year, Miami hosts the largest exhibition of orchids of various varieties and species. Here are going to florists and orchid lovers from more than 60 countries of the world, on the tables of more than 1000 species of flower.

Independence Day Independence

The day is one of the favorite holidays for all Americans. During the day, it is almost impossible to meet locals in the city, the city seems to be dead. The fact is that this holiday is celebrated with family, in nature, and in private houses in the suburbs. But as soon as the sun sets, Miami becomes the largest nightclub, the movement of which ends only with the onset of the next day.

Miami Ultra

Each year, the music festival gathers more than 10,000 fans of electronic music and can rightfully be considered one of the biggest music events in the world. Here are the world famous headliners, light shows everywhere, fire show, and plenty of entertainment for every taste.