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What to see

Looking at the beautiful art and architecture of Milan, it is easy to understand why this city has become the capital of high fashion. Like most cities in Italy, Milan is rich in history and culture. Here you can live for decades and make new discoveries every day.

However, there are major attractions and famous buildings located in close proximity to the city center, which are not to be missed. A rental car will significantly simplify movement around the city and will allow you to see such historical monuments as the

Photo of Piazza del Duomo

Photo of Piazza del Duomo

  • Piazza del Duomo – the central square in the city. Here is the world-famous Milan Cathedral. This is the pinnacle of Gothic architecture, it was built for decades, the architects succeeded each other, and completed all work in 1386. It is not a matter of principle to go inside the cathedral, but it is absolutely necessary to climb the roof. A special lift takes you to the top of the world. Around stone faces 3200 statues, 135 spiers and breathtaking views of the city. The best time to visit is early morning, because usually the roof of the cathedral is always full of tourists. Or at sunset, when everything around is painted in pink and pastel colors. On the square near the cathedral are the best restaurants. It is here that you can enjoy classic Italian cuisine.
  • Gallery Vittorio Emanuele. Get ready to marvel at the architecture and decoration of the oldest shopping center in Italy. Thanks to the glass dome, this is an incredible place to walk. Shopping is not advised here, in the gallery the highest prices in Milan. A remarkable fact. On the mosaic floor there is an image of a bull. If you step on it, then there is a chance to catch luck by the tail. The mural has already been updated several times, because tourists simply trample it.
  • Piazza del Scala. The second largest and most important area in Milan. Each of its sides is historically important. In addition to the Cathedral and galleries, here are located the legendary theater “La Scala”, one of the oldest banks in Italy and the city hall. It holds temporary art exhibitions, which can be accessed completely free of charge, defended, however, with a crazy turn. For those who love music or want to spend a fabulously romantic evening, there is nothing better than to visit the Opera House. It was opened in 1778, and he won a stave of one of the main theaters of the world. Tickets must be ordered in advance, as there is almost no free space. The building has a museum, which presents a fascinating collection of musical instruments and portraits. Guided tours of the Opera House are held regularly.
  • Sforza Castle. The place where the Sforza family lived, the dukes of Milan. Today the building houses art collections and hosts historical exhibitions. In the courtyard of the castle can enter for free.
Photo of Sforza Castle

Photo of Sforza Castle

Where else to go?

In addition, Milan is home to a large number of museums, which exhibit unique artifacts and objects of art. It justifies Milan and the title of the capital of fashion. Shoppers from all over the world come to the city to shop at world-famous stores and boutiques.