We decided to go to Crimea with the whole family, because many go there, and we also wanted to. They rented a car in Yalta, ordered it in advance, received from the reception desk about half an hour because there were a lot of people. In addition, with the representative of the rental company, we agreed in advance on the child seat, which we provided for the smallest member of our family team. Having hired a car, we immediately went to the hotel, so having previously discussed parking for the car and breakfast for us and the baby.

Hotel Tavrida

Booked apartments here. The hotel building itself is historic, beautiful, the apartments are comfortable, in principle, however, the furniture is slightly outdated, but there was free parking for a rented car, there were normal breakfasts and the location is excellent. By the way, the hotel accepts only cash, which is extremely inconvenient, but so far, apparently, civilization has not reached here.


Photo of Yalta

Photo of Yalta

Here, of course, the most important thing is the sea, which we enjoyed to the full. The city itself is clean, pleasant, with a touch of the hinterland. The sea is clean, warm, the beach with pebbles, but we took special sneakers. The beaches are equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, wooden flooring. Umbrellas, sun beds – paid. You can fly a hang glider or ride a jet ski. We have done both and more than pleased local businessmen. We went to the Zoo, it was very pleased with our little son.

Skelean Menhirs

We went there because we are very interested in all sorts of megalithic structures. Menhirs are huge stones found near the village of Skel. Obviously, these huge boulders were part of a large structure. An interesting and informative time, however, the child was bored.

Palaces and castles

Here we traveled to our car for rent all that time. Were in Vorontsov Palace, which for a long time belonged to Count Vorontsov, governor of the Caucasus. The palace is beautiful, in a romantic style, it was interesting to walk on the terraces, climb the marble stairs, admire the views. Inside, beautiful interiors especially liked the library.

Photo of the Swallow's Nest

Photo of the Swallow’s Nest

A mandatory trip, it is certainly on the Swallow’s Nest. Without this symbol of Crimea, there is no way to do it, and even this must be seen. The incredible place was chosen by the owners for the castle. It looks amazing, on a tall rock, in the Gothic style, well, just a fabulous palace – neither give nor take! My wife and I really liked it, we took a hundred and five hundred photos there.

We visited the Livadia Palace, and wine tasting in Massandra. In a word, the program was performed to the maximum. The car, by the way, is required for travel, because transport goes do not understand, how. I can not imagine how we would get to the menhirs without a car.