Australia – the only inhabited continent of our Earth, which is located in the Southern Hemisphere, and if you fly there in winter, you can be in the summer, but if you go in the summer, you will arrive at the height of the snowy season. Inspect Australia for one trip is difficult. It is better to move around the country by rental car. Local offices often have inflated prices, so it’s more economical to find in advance budget rental companies in the network.

Photo Australian Kangaroo

Photo Australian Kangaroo

Preparing for the trip

But to experience this exotic, you need to purchase a visa to enter Australia. Visas to this country are electronic, that is, there will not be any stickers in your passport. And when you arrive there, at the airport via the Internet, you can be found in the online database of the Immigration Department and check the information if you have your passport. By the way, here you can immediately pick up a car for rent. Finding a car rental company is advisable in advance. This will allow you to choose all criteria rental car that matches and pick it up without any problems in the car rental rack.

As for obtaining a visa, this process takes about 4-6 weeks, of course, provided that you already have a valid passport, you will also need funds for the visa fee, which is 140 Australian dollars.

Visas are issued for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on its type: tourist, business or guest, sponsored by a relative from Australia. Each has its own nuances.

The most popular type is a tourist visa, which is designed for tourist visits, visiting friends or relatives in Australia, as well as training for no more than 3 months. But the Immigration Department carefully approaches the selection, and not every tourist will be approved by a visa.

Foto of Australian koala bear

Foto of Australian koala bear

How to apply for a visa.

So what should you know to increase your chances of having your visa approved and you saw the Barrier Reef, visited the Sydney Opera House, or greeted the kangaroo?

In the application, you will need to indicate what means you plan to live there, naturally, you should have these funds. For department employees, this is an important argument in your favor. The most important thing they need to find out is how likely it is that you will not stay in their country illegally living and earning, and how many factors will make you return to your home country. These include:

  1. Relatives. Do you have relatives in Australia who live in the country on a permanent basis, and how close are they. If these are parents of a spouse, then it is unlikely to be in your favor. If the main relatives live on the territory of the country from where you are going to go to Australia, then this is a plus for you, it means a high probability that you will return.
  2. Job. If you have a highly paid job in your country of residence, this is also a positive factor for you. If officially you are not arranged anywhere, it will be a minus.
  3. Financial position. The department checks your condition and the availability of funds in bank accounts. If you do not have your own funds, this will be perceived as a factor forcing you to stay in Australia as an illegal.
  4. Real estate and other property. If any property is registered in your country, this will be perceived as a reason for your return to your homeland.
  5. Previous trips. As proof, you should be granted visas confirming that you have come back from trips abroad, especially if you come from countries with a high standard of living, like in Europe, Canada, and the United States.
  6. The lie of the applicant. It should be remembered that any information that you have said can be easily checked by the employees of the department by calling the place of work, the bank or relatives. Therefore, it is important to speak only the truth.

If visa approval has been denied to you, as a rule, an e-mail is received about this, and most often the reason is indicated. This does not mean that you cannot issue an application again, but you should see why the visa was not approved and try to eliminate these errors.