The capital of Latvia is a separate country where you can find 19th-century groomed parks, cobbled streets, temples, and dazzling modern buildings. The most convenient way to inspect it is to rent a car. Here everything is cozy and charming. The architecture in Riga winds from wooden buildings to modern, from modern to gothic. In every corner of the city, you can find unique cat statues, wooden sculptures or colorful houses that resemble illustrations to Gianni Rodari’s books.

Old Town

Old Town is the heart of Riga. In order not to search for a site for a long time car, it is easier to book a car in advance. To do this, simply contact the rental company, preferably international. Arriving at the airport, you need to find the point of issue of the car, and then go to the hotel.

Photo of the House of the Blackheads

Photo of the House of the Blackheads

Riga is a corner of the Middle Ages, with its unique architecture, which is protected by UNESCO. Here you can wander for hours on the pavement, feeling like a time traveler. Renting a car, you can cover as many sights as possible:

  • The observation deck on the tower of St. Peter’s Church. It overlooks the city. She is at a height of 72 meters. Near the church, there is a sculpture of four animals: a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster, standing on top of each other. It is based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm.
  • Of great interest among tourists is the architectural complex, which is called the “Three Brothers”. Three buildings form the most interesting and oldest residential complex in Riga. White house from the 15th century, yellow – from the 16th and green from the 17th century.
  • House of the Blackheads in Riga, the same as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was built by a German merchant in 1334 for high-class merchants and was used as a venue for meetings and feasts. This is a very beautiful mansion, built at the beginning of the XIV century. In its premises now there is a museum exposition.

What else to see

In Riga, there are many beautiful churches, and most of them are in the Old Town. Rent a budget car and you can see:

  • Riga Cathedral – the church organ is considered the oldest body in the world;
  • The Catholic Cathedral of St. Jacob – the beginning of the Reformation in Latvia took place here and in the Church of St. Peter in 1522;
  • The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is the largest Orthodox church in Riga;
Photo of The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

Photo of The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

Until now, a part of the old city walls has been preserved in Riga, which was also built by the Crusaders.

  • Powder tower for many years it was used as a powder depot. Locals call the building the House of Cats. They say that the statues of cats that are installed on the roof miraculously helped the owner of the house.
  • Swedish gate. They were built in 1698 when Sweden captured the city. The apartment above the gate belonged to the city executioner, who always had a red rose on the window the day before the execution.

The many arts and crafts houses on Skarn Street abound in souvenir shops. In the Old Town, you can find everything from art galleries to historical museums. In the evening and at night you can have fun in clubs, bars, and restaurants.