Serbian national cuisine is a mixture of traditions of a large number of countries. Culinary masterpieces of the country were formed under the influence of Slavic, Hungarian, Mediterranean cuisines. The list also includes Turkish and German cuisines. As a result of this combination, original Serbian cuisine was born. It focuses on meat dishes, so for vegetarians, a gastronomic tour to Serbia may seem boring.


It all starts with bread – local people pay special attention to it. During the Middle Ages, it was prepared from a mixture of wheat, barley and rye. Together with the meat is served according to the tradition of bread – pacha. This is a national recipe, a vivid example of Balkan cuisine. This bread is a flat cake, but there are also figured options.

Pita, a classic cake made from thin layers of dough, is quite popular. It traditionally begins with all kinds of greens, cheese, and meat. There is also dessert options “pita” – it is prepared with the addition of fruits, cherries, prunes.

Photo of pita

Photo of pita

Dairy Products

Serbian cuisine is difficult to imagine without dairy products. Traditional kaymak is a thick cream, the consistency of sour cream. Locals believe that kaymak turns out best if you cook it at home.

Virtually every meal is accompanied by milk cheese from cow’s milk. Among the other varieties of cheese are popular “senic”, as well as “zlatibor.”

Alcoholic drinks

Serbian raki drink can be tasted anywhere in the country. Especially appreciated rakiya, which is prepared not by industrial means, but homemade. By the way, the Serbs themselves say not to cook brandy, namely, to bake. The drink is quite strong and is often used as a healing tool. You can try raki in any local tavern or in monasteries open to tourists. The most popular types of drink are the vine (from grapes), vilyamovka (from pear), kaysiya (from apricot).

Photo of a glass of wine

Photo of a glass of wine

Vegetable Dishes

A special category of Serbian cuisine is dishes made from vegetables. Simply put, then most often it is large chopped vegetables of various kinds, generously seasoned with olive oil. However, in some recipes there is quite a complex combination of ingredients. They are served during the meal as an independent, and complementary dishes.


Local wine varieties are not so common in international markets, but when visiting Serbia, you should pay attention to them. The national treasure is considered wine “Vranac” – it is quite tart drink, which has many variations.