Our small car trip to the island of Mallorca began with the fact that at the rental point cars we ordered the car. At one of the Balearic Islands, my mother and I wanted to combine a relaxing beach holiday with an active one, as well as explore most of the sights.

Beaches and the town of Valldemossa

We spent the beach part of our holiday in the main city of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca. This city is great for an interesting holiday, there are many interesting places, as well as the cleanest fabulous beaches where you can spend time drinking a cocktail and admiring the view of the sea.

Photo of the town of Valldemossa

Photo of the town of Valldemossa

We rented a car to the fabulous puppet town of Valldemossa. This town is suitable for some time to forget about the noise of cities and plunge into the provincial Spanish life. Despite the fact that the city is not large at all, it has a number of attractions, such as, for example, the Cartesian Monastery, where Frederic Chopin once stayed with his beloved writer George Sand. The view of the city is fabulous and we were happy to spend the whole day there, walking through the narrow streets and looking at the Moorish architecture.

The oldest palace in Spain, the Palacio de la Almudaina, was once an Arab structure and fortress. Now it is the residence of the King of Spain on the island. A walk around the palace was very interesting and informative.

Its majesty strikes the main temple of the Balearic Islands, which received the title of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, made in the Gothic style.

Dragon Cave

Perhaps the most extraordinary place in Mallorca is the Dragon Cave – the kingdom of grottoes and the clearest groundwater. According to legend, the Knights Templar kept their wealth here. The first search for jewelry began in the 14th century. Wealth and found, but the exact maps of the gorge made. Dragon Cave includes 6 underground lakes up to 8 m deep. And stalactites and stalagmites make the cave mysterious and impregnable. There are several magnificent and in its own way interesting halls, each of which we visited and was absolutely delighted. We drove to the Dragon Cave on a rental car, and on the spot, we took an excursion, with a guide we had a much more educational walk.

Photo of the beach of Mallorca

Photo of the beach of Mallorca

The beautiful bay of

Majorca Island is famous for its unique beaches. And, of course, we visited several of them. Most liked the bay Calo des, Moro. The water here is clear and transparent. And the sand is white and crisp like snow. The bay resembles a swimming pool in the middle of the rocks. Also impressed by the incredible beauty of the bay Cala de Sa Calobra. I had to get here by mountain serpentine, and the beach was not sugar, but rather prickly pebbles. But as soon as we got here, we felt like in paradise. The bay is located in the middle of 200 m high cliffs.

Mallorca is famous for its beautiful beaches, culture, and nightlife. But any tourist, I think, will find himself a suitable place for a good rest.