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Photo of the road in Moldova

Holidays and festivals of Moldova – we celebrate Martisor and grape harvest

Written on 28th May 2019 in Events

Moldova’s interesting from various sides – this is the mass of Orthodox architectural monuments, simple national cuisine, reasonable prices in hotels. However, many go here for the holidays and festivals. Solemn events and events are filled with values ​​and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Wine Festival De...

Photo of sunset in Palermo

What can you manage to see in Sicily, if you rent a car?

Written on 23rd April 2019 in Sicily

Sicily is an area and island of Italy, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes, clean beaches, and many architectural sights. The island washed by the Mediterranean Sea attracts a large number of tourists with its good service, incredibly delicious cuisine and rich culture. What can you see in Sicily? It is better to start...

Photo of Armenian monastery

Car rentals are becoming more and more popular in Armenia

Written on 19th March 2019 in Armenia

Tourists willingly rent a car to enjoy the scenery around and see a lot of new places, as well as relax. Car rental in Armenia is in good demand. There are a lot of car rental companies,  you can rent a car in Yerevan:  through a search engine;  through the official firms car rental;  having...

Photo of the curch in Minsk

Blue-eyed Belarus with pancakes and moonshine

Written on 1st March 2019 in Belarus

In Belarus, I was several times, but mostly visiting friends. And, unfortunately, it was not possible to see the sights of this small but interesting country. Therefore, when the comrades once again called for a visit, I decided that I would definitely arrange for myself a mini-trip at least for the main sights. Museum of...

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