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Photo of the ancient pyramid

Mexico Carnival in a rental car – from the Feast of the Dead to the New Year

Written on 6th September 2019 in Events

Mexico is a South American country that attracts the attention of tourists with national cuisine, traditions and holidays. Having hired a car, you can see its most colorful corners, take part in the most vivid and memorable events. Mexican Carnival So, when you already have a car for rent, it’s time to go to the...

Photo of a mosque

Almaty is the city of the golden warrior and religious shrines

Written on 20th August 2019 in Architecture

Almaty is a very beautiful and green city, from which begins the high-mountain Zailiysky Alatau. In addition, it is an important cultural center of Kazakhstan with several noteworthy sights, in which the traditions of Soviet neo-classicism are mixed with oriental steppe motifs. All this magnificence is surrounded by modern high-rise buildings. To r...

Photo of the elephants at the temple

How not to miss the best sights of Kuala Lumpur in a rental car

Written on 13th August 2019 in Architecture

There is an opinion that there are not many tourist places in the capital of Malaysia. Indeed, the excursion program of Kuala Lumpur is not as intense as, for example, in Europe, but once you are here, sightseeing should be given time. At the hearing of the tourists a few major points – Batu Cave,...

Photo of a tourist

Independent travel as a way of life or how to become an experienced tourist?

Written on 23rd July 2019 in About

Have you ever thought about how to make any trip interesting and unforgettable? Such ideas can be relevant both for experienced travelers and for those who leave their hometown only because of business trips. Traveling without Borders For example, have you ever taken to the streets of a completely unfamiliar city without a guide, a...

Photo of the yard of the palace on Lisbon

How to relax in Portuguese, or where the best places for divers

Written on 28th June 2019 in Portugal

Portugal was bypassed by the tourist wave – here you will not see so many tourists like in Spain or France. This is a more expensive direction, designed for wealthy people. Portugal is famous for its historical heritage, a large number of attractions, opportunities for diving, resorts and beautiful nature. Locals of Portugal carefully preserv...

Photo of Saint Basil's Cathedral

Expanse of Russia or a trip by rental car – St. Petersburg, Crimea or Sochi

Written on 4th June 2019 in Russia

Russia is considered to be one of the largest countries in the world. Only in it can one meet such a variety of climatic zones, cultures and peoples. From this there is an opinion that holidays in Russia can confidently replace expensive overseas resorts. In fact, everything is exactly the same, including attracting prices that...

Photo of Malta

Multifaceted Malta – a mixture of different cultures and civilizations

Written on 14th May 2019 in Architecture

Malta is a paradise for lovers of architectural masterpieces. This island nation, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean, has seen many conquerors throughout its history. Being at the junction of two civilizations, Malta has long been the heart of the sea routes between Europe and Africa. It was colonized by the Phoenicians, captured by...

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