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Photo of the Parliament in Bucharest

Holidays, festivals and events of Bucharest – the most solemn city of Romania

Written on 17th September 2019 in Events

Bucharest is one of the most visited and popular cities in Romania. The concentration of the entire cultural component of the country. A colorful atmosphere reigns here, with a rich history at every turn. The amazing sights of Bucharest are not the only reason why many tourists come here every year. Bright, unusual and memorable...

Photo of Riga

Riga on a rented car: from medieval streets to extravagant buildings

Written on 9th August 2019 in Latvia

The capital of Latvia is a separate country where you can find 19th-century groomed parks, cobbled streets, temples, and dazzling modern buildings. The most convenient way to inspect it is to rent a car. Here everything is cozy and charming. The architecture in Riga winds from wooden buildings to modern, from modern to gothic. In...

Photo of Vilnius

Top resorts in Lithuania for families with children

Written on 18th June 2019 in Around the world

Lithuania is a cozy country, perfect for families with children. The local resorts are consistently acceptable for many tourists the price level. Every year, families with children rush here – a developed tourist infrastructure, an abundance of housing offers, a pleasant climate, delicious cuisine and beautiful nature make Lithuania incredibl...

Photo of Berat

An unforgettable trip to Albania on a rented car!

Written on 1st March 2019 in Albania

You can rent a car online or from a representative of rental companies. Car rental companies will select a suitable car for their customers. In order to avoid additional costs when choosing a vehicle, you should contact directly to special car rental offices. The rental price will depend on the car model, brand, mileage and...

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