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Photo of Ljubljana

Car travel in Ljubljana – New Year’s Eve and Ascension of the Virgin Mary

Written on 30th August 2019 in Events

The uniqueness of Ljubljana are that in this city two factors are ideally combined at once – ancient Europe and modern development according to world-class trends. Almost all the celebrations in the city are based on religious customs and folk traditions. Interestingly, all of them are marked in the local calendars, so in order not...

Photo of Milan

Milan is the capital of high fashion and elegant design of ancient architects

Written on 27th August 2019 in Italy

Today, more and more tourists go on holiday to European cities by rental cars, which can be ordered via the Internet. Using the services of online car rental companies, you can choose budget options at a bargain price. In contrast to local offices, large international rental companies offer to pick up cars immediately at the...

Photo of the Belvedere Palace

Vienna on a rental car – the charm of old Europe

Written on 23rd August 2019 in Architecture

Vienna is one of the most stunning cities in Europe. The capital of Austria is famous for its imperial palaces, grand buildings and beautiful gardens, tiny cobbled alleys and cozy cafes. By renting a car, you can recognize Vienna from the other side – bright, avant-garde and unconventional. What to expect from the trip? Tourists...

Photo of Alcázar of Segovia

Cars for rent: how to see Spain from the non-touristic side

Written on 3rd May 2019 in Architecture

Spain is an interesting country worth visiting. Now the format of independent travel is gaining popularity. Tourists prefer not to go with an organized group, and make up the route in person. At the same time, it will be convenient to rent a car. Where a car comes in handy Drawing up a route begins...

Photo of sunset in Palermo

What can you manage to see in Sicily, if you rent a car?

Written on 23rd April 2019 in Sicily

Sicily is an area and island of Italy, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes, clean beaches, and many architectural sights. The island washed by the Mediterranean Sea attracts a large number of tourists with its good service, incredibly delicious cuisine and rich culture. What can you see in Sicily? It is better to start...

Photo of Cagliari

A trip to Sardinia by car – from Alghero to Grotto Nettuno

Written on 5th April 2019 in Sardinia

Sardinia is a picturesque island washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This corner of Italy is famous not only for its sandy beaches but also for natural and archaeological reserves. Therefore, avid travelers should rent a car to explore the island most comfortably. How to rent a car? For us, the beaches of...

Photo of Belvedere in Vienna


Written on 2nd April 2019 in Austria

Austria is rightfully considered the “pearl” of Europe. Castles, historic cities, monasteries, spas, and ski resorts beckon tourists from all over the world. Among them was me. Having rented a car advance in one of the proposed rental locations, I developed my own route, which allowed me to save considerable time and money. And in...

Photo of the Parliament

I will give everything to try it again!

Written on 1st March 2019 in Hungary

Have you ever been to Hungary? In this rich sights of a hospitable country, allowing you to plunge into the history and feel the emotions of people of that time. Here the spirit of antiquity and modernity intertwines. I strongly recommend starting the journey from Budapest. This is one of the most beautiful European capitals...

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