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Photo of Palma de Mallorca

Sugar beaches and the Moorish architecture of Mallorca

Written on 30th April 2019 in Art

Our small car trip to the island of Mallorca began with the fact that at the rental point cars we ordered the car. At one of the Balearic Islands, my mother and I wanted to combine a relaxing beach holiday with an active one, as well as explore most of the sights. Beaches and the...

Photo of a mosque in Kyrgyzstan

The mountainous and beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan

Written on 9th April 2019 in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has matured in plans somehow quietly. Mountains, lakes, nature, ancient cities, wild places. One day, they decided to go four together, two married couples. I read a lot of things, looked at photos and views, read travelers’ reviews and diaries, but there was one “but” – no one mentioned the car rental service. Having...

Photo of Cagliari

A trip to Sardinia by car – from Alghero to Grotto Nettuno

Written on 5th April 2019 in Sardinia

Sardinia is a picturesque island washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This corner of Italy is famous not only for its sandy beaches but also for natural and archaeological reserves. Therefore, avid travelers should rent a car to explore the island most comfortably. How to rent a car? For us, the beaches of...

Photo of Belvedere in Vienna


Written on 2nd April 2019 in Austria

Austria is rightfully considered the “pearl” of Europe. Castles, historic cities, monasteries, spas, and ski resorts beckon tourists from all over the world. Among them was me. Having rented a car advance in one of the proposed rental locations, I developed my own route, which allowed me to save considerable time and money. And in...

Photo of a mosque in Shamakhi

Spend a vacation in Azerbaijan

Written on 26th March 2019 in Azerbaijan

Vacation in Azerbaijan! What could be more beautiful and tempting than this Asian country? It’s easy to get here: three modern airports – named after Heydar Aliyev (central), Gabala (in the north-west of Azerbaijan) and northern Parzivan. Well, the railway stations in each city. I really wanted to go here and touch the ancient architect...

Photo of a dragon

Adventure in a rented car on Vietnam

Written on 1st March 2019 in Transport

Rent a  car in Vietnam is quite simple. To do this, it is enough to use a special online unit for searching agencies that offer rental services. This option is much cheaper because you can compare prices for a wide range of offers and find the best car. Unlike local companies, which greatly inflated prices,...

Photo of a hotel

Exotic and unique Dominican Republic

Written on 1st March 2019 in Dominican Republic

I and my two friends went on a trip to the paradise islands – the Dominican Republic. Tired of a long flight, at the car rental we took a car and drove to the Lincoln Suites hotel in Santo Domingo, where we were in for a delicious Dominican breakfast: banana purée with fried eggs and...

Photo of London

From London to Cambridge on a rented car

Written on 1st March 2019 in Great Britain

There are so many tourist routes in the UK that it is very difficult to choose the right one, especially if you are going to visit the country for the first time. Therefore, we chose the most standard, since London should be the exit point. From it, we went to Cambridge – a town located...

Photo of Bagrati Cathedral

Car rental in Georgia is the best solution for travel

Written on 1st March 2019 in Georgia

Georgia is a popular tourist destination. Arriving on vacation in this hospitable country, the traveler for a short period of vacation wants to see the unique landscapes, monuments of history and architecture. A rented car is, in this case, the best solution for driving around the country without being tied to tourist groups and public...

Photo of Jerusalem

Traveling around Israel in a rented car: from Modiin to Eilat

Written on 1st March 2019 in Israel

When going on a trip to Israel, many think about how to travel around the country. It is not always convenient to ride on tourist buses, as the excursions take place on schedule, and there is no possibility to linger in one or another place, and the route of such transport does not provide for...

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