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Photo of a tourist

Independent travel as a way of life or how to become an experienced tourist?

Written on 23rd July 2019 in About

Have you ever thought about how to make any trip interesting and unforgettable? Such ideas can be relevant both for experienced travelers and for those who leave their hometown only because of business trips. Traveling without Borders For example, have you ever taken to the streets of a completely unfamiliar city without a guide, a...

Photo of Alcázar of Segovia

Cars for rent: how to see Spain from the non-touristic side

Written on 3rd May 2019 in Architecture

Spain is an interesting country worth visiting. Now the format of independent travel is gaining popularity. Tourists prefer not to go with an organized group, and make up the route in person. At the same time, it will be convenient to rent a car. Where a car comes in handy Drawing up a route begins...

Photo of the curch in Minsk

Blue-eyed Belarus with pancakes and moonshine

Written on 1st March 2019 in Belarus

In Belarus, I was several times, but mostly visiting friends. And, unfortunately, it was not possible to see the sights of this small but interesting country. Therefore, when the comrades once again called for a visit, I decided that I would definitely arrange for myself a mini-trip at least for the main sights. Museum of...

Photo of Santorini

Get acquainted with sunny Greece on a rented car

Written on 1st March 2019 in Greece

Greece is a picturesque country with a rich historical heritage. At the same time, there are corners in it, which can be reached by a rental car, which greatly facilitates movement. Despite the fact that few tourists know the Greek language, you can always do without incident. Almost all signs and information signs are duplicated...

Photo of King Abdullah Mosque

Ancient Jordan: the desert of Wadi Rum and the city of Peter

Written on 1st March 2019 in Events

Jordan, a truly amazing country, it combines the beauty of the mountains and the calmness of the Dead Sea. To see all these features in a short time, you need to arm yourself with a vehicle to move quickly. For many years, Jordan offers a variety of car rental services, everyone can find what they...

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