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Photo of Bratislava

Interesting events in Bratislava: the first acquaintance with the city

Written on 20th September 2019 in Events

Slavic worship of traditions and customs is expressed in the celebration of numerous events. Bratislava hosts most of the events in Slovakia. Here they worship religious traditions, but at the same time, they follow the flow of time and hold all sorts of festivals. You have not had time to choose a rental car to...

Photo of Miami

Miami is one of the most dynamic and warm cities in America

Written on 10th September 2019 in Events

Miami is a city of holidays, exciting events, parties and events. Anyone can find something to do for your taste and character. Entertainment, film festivals, music concerts, fashion shows from leading designers of the world, exciting shows, world-class sports matches and, of course, non-stop discos and beach parties. And this is only a small fract...

Photo of Ljubljana

Car travel in Ljubljana – New Year’s Eve and Ascension of the Virgin Mary

Written on 30th August 2019 in Events

The uniqueness of Ljubljana are that in this city two factors are ideally combined at once – ancient Europe and modern development according to world-class trends. Almost all the celebrations in the city are based on religious customs and folk traditions. Interestingly, all of them are marked in the local calendars, so in order not...

Photo of Milan

Milan is the capital of high fashion and elegant design of ancient architects

Written on 27th August 2019 in Italy

Today, more and more tourists go on holiday to European cities by rental cars, which can be ordered via the Internet. Using the services of online car rental companies, you can choose budget options at a bargain price. In contrast to local offices, large international rental companies offer to pick up cars immediately at the...

Photo of a mosque

Almaty is the city of the golden warrior and religious shrines

Written on 20th August 2019 in Architecture

Almaty is a very beautiful and green city, from which begins the high-mountain Zailiysky Alatau. In addition, it is an important cultural center of Kazakhstan with several noteworthy sights, in which the traditions of Soviet neo-classicism are mixed with oriental steppe motifs. All this magnificence is surrounded by modern high-rise buildings. To r...

Photo of the elephants at the temple

How not to miss the best sights of Kuala Lumpur in a rental car

Written on 13th August 2019 in Architecture

There is an opinion that there are not many tourist places in the capital of Malaysia. Indeed, the excursion program of Kuala Lumpur is not as intense as, for example, in Europe, but once you are here, sightseeing should be given time. At the hearing of the tourists a few major points – Batu Cave,...

Photo of Riga

Riga on a rented car: from medieval streets to extravagant buildings

Written on 9th August 2019 in Latvia

The capital of Latvia is a separate country where you can find 19th-century groomed parks, cobbled streets, temples, and dazzling modern buildings. The most convenient way to inspect it is to rent a car. Here everything is cozy and charming. The architecture in Riga winds from wooden buildings to modern, from modern to gothic. In...

Photo of sombreros

Festive Mexico – from the Day of the Dead to fanatical worship of radishes

Written on 16th July 2019 in Events

Mexico is one of the brightest, most colorful countries in South America. The cradle of the most mysterious civilization – the Incas, excites the imagination of travelers from around the world. Many legends and religious rites are associated with Mexico, but attention is attracted by the culture of the locals. A huge number of holidays,...

Photo of Serbian landscape in winter

Serbian cuisine is a true gastronomic cocktail that is worth trying

Written on 12th July 2019 in Food

Serbian national cuisine is a mixture of traditions of a large number of countries. Culinary masterpieces of the country were formed under the influence of Slavic, Hungarian, Mediterranean cuisines. The list also includes Turkish and German cuisines. As a result of this combination, original Serbian cuisine was born. It focuses on meat dishes, so f...

Photo of the landscape in Slovenia

The natural heritage of Slovenia – Triglav National Park

Written on 9th July 2019 in Nature

Remembering the nature of Slovenia, many tourists are mountain landscapes, crystal clear lakes, green valleys and dense forests. This is a very plausible picture – most of the country is covered with vegetation. In addition, the Slovenian authorities are investing heavily in the landscaping of their territory – a huge number of trees ar...

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