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Photo of Forence

By car in Italy: the secrets of a successful lease

Written on 29th March 2019 in Italy

In Italy, every corner is beautiful. To consider everything, imbued with the spirit of the country, its history and customs, you should rent a car and visit several cities, not limited to the most popular ones, like Rome or Pisa. Distances in Italy compared to Russia are small, expensive, so travel is a pleasure. Where...

Photo of Bagrati Cathedral

Car rental in Georgia is the best solution for travel

Written on 1st March 2019 in Georgia

Georgia is a popular tourist destination. Arriving on vacation in this hospitable country, the traveler for a short period of vacation wants to see the unique landscapes, monuments of history and architecture. A rented car is, in this case, the best solution for driving around the country without being tied to tourist groups and public...

Photo of Santorini

Get acquainted with sunny Greece on a rented car

Written on 1st March 2019 in Greece

Greece is a picturesque country with a rich historical heritage. At the same time, there are corners in it, which can be reached by a rental car, which greatly facilitates movement. Despite the fact that few tourists know the Greek language, you can always do without incident. Almost all signs and information signs are duplicated...

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