Having hired a car, you can explore the many attractions of the United States. However, the special attention of travelers occupy reserved places – the nature is original and picturesque. Hot deserts are replaced by impregnable cliffs, forest arrays coexist with clean lakes. The nature of the USA creates truly fantastic landscapes.

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Grand Canyon

Photo of Grand Canyon

Photo of Grand Canyon

One of the most photographed canyons, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. The deep cleft resulting from natural processes is today a national park. Grand Canyon stretched almost 5,000 square kilometers.


For many, the US national parks are, above all, Yosemite. Incredibly picturesque corner of nature located in the sunny state of California. A large number of lakes, meadows, dense forests and mountains, strongly resembling the landscapes of the Alps, there is something to see. Once these places were home to the indigenous people – Indian tribes. Over time, they were ousted by gold-diggers from Europe, who began the development of the valley and created infrastructure here.


Another giant piece of American land that received the status of a national park. The huge biosphere reserve opens for its guests incredible beauty landscapes – numerous hot springs, as well as geysers, create a unique look of Yellowstone. However, the local volcano draws heightened attention – it is certainly dormant, but for many years now there have been active debates around it among scientists. Some say that Yellowstone volcano will remain asleep, others predict its catastrophic awakening in the coming years.

Photo of landscape in Yellowstone national park

Photo of landscape in Yellowstone national park

Monument Valley

The lovers of western lovers know the landscapes of this valley – the desert of photogenic sand color, which stretches for many kilometers, was once the Mesozoic sea. For an impressive period of time (millennia), mountain ranges of bizarre forms were formed here. This is an unearthly beauty, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world to this area.