Land of Hessen in Germany can rightly be called the heart of the country, as it is in the very center and includes everything that Germany is famous for delicious national cuisine, ancient castles, rich streets with boutiques, a cultural component, whole areas of banks and lots and lots of forest.

My husband and I went to conquer Hesse for 7 days. Upon arrival at Frankfurt Airport on the Main, we rented a car and went to the Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt. From the windows of our room a beautiful view of the city. In the hotel, we spent a little time. But I want to note that the rooms in it were decorated elegantly and interestingly, and on the top floor one could splash in the pool and enjoy the bird’s-eye view.

Frankfurt am Main

Photo of the clock at the Central Station of Frankfurt am Main

Photo of the clock at the Central Station of Frankfurt am Main

The main attraction of Frankfurt is perhaps the quarter of banks. The city is famous for its exchanges and banks, so everyone that has been here will definitely go for a walk around this quarter. In the evening, this place is so shimmering with lights that it seems that you are in Tokyo or Singapore, but not in the old German city. Not far from the banks quarter is the main square of the city – Römer. This square is considered the Sami to be a recognizable place in Frankfurt, and before we visited this city, we saw Roemer more than once on postcards and pictures. Passing 200 meters from the square, one can also notice Frankfurt’s Old Opera, which has a very interesting history: the opera stood in ruins for about thirty years before it was restored and it opened its doors to visitors.

Another interesting place in the city is the restored main guard building – the guardhouse, which currently houses a cafe with national cuisine. There we tried German pies, which turned out to be incredibly tasty. Perhaps the most pompous attraction of Frankfurt is Main is the Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, which the people have just the Frankfurt Cathedral. The cathedral is made in the Gothic style. Since 1356 German monarchs were elected and crowned here. During the Second World War, the cathedral was almost destroyed, but, fortunately, there remained drawings and drawings, with the help of which it was restored. Probably, the names of this landmark of the city made an indelible impression on us.


Next, we went to a wonderful town called Heidelberg, where the partially restored Heidelberg Castle is located. The castle impresses with its views. Being inside, a beautiful view of the hill, the city, and the river. And if you go down to the river, you can admire the fabulous castle itself. For a long time, this place was a source of inspiration for many poets and famous people, such as Goethe, Mark Twain, etc. Walking around the castle, you can find the remains of sculptures and fountains.


Photo of Mount Neroberg in autumn

Photo of Mount Neroberg in autumn

Traveling through Hesse, we could not come to the capital of this land – Wiesbaden. The road from Frankfurt took only half an hour. Having thrown the rented car in the parking lot in the city, we went for a walk on foot. What soon regretted. We decided to start our walk with a visit to the church of St. Elizabeth on the advice of our friends. It turned out that the church is located on the top of Mount Neroberg, and it took about an hour to climb there. Most of the way was occupied by the forest, but still, we managed to see numerous cottages and villas, because Wiesbaden is famous for its millionaires. The church is made in a romantic style, but inside us weaving interweaving cultures and styles of architecture. The interior of the temple is made of black, gray, red-brown and white marble. Unusual for an Orthodox church is also the presence of sculptures and the image of the “all-seeing eye” on the ceiling.

Not far from the church is a bench, crouching on which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Fortunately, we didn’t have to walk back, we were driven by kind people from Bulgaria. The city center is basically pedestrian streets, where there is an opportunity to just take a walk, go to an institution and have a snack and, of course, take a couple of shots. Walking through Wiesbaden, it is immediately clear that the city is rich and luxurious. Nobody is in a hurry, unlike Frankfurt.

Germany is a country of beer, fatty food, and beautiful architecture. We tried and inspected all this, even if we visited only three cities.