The UAE today is experiencing a boom of great interest from tourists. It has everything you need for recreation – developed infrastructure, high season all year round, cafes and restaurants, luxury hotels, white beaches, fascinating underwater world, traditional bazaars and much more. One question remains – how did you manage to create such a dynamically developing state on such an unfavorable territory?

Car rental and acquaintance with history

The history of the United Arab Emirates is interesting and at the same time brief – it officially takes its beginning relatively recently, just in 1971. The idea of ​​founding a new federation was born in six emirs on December 2 of that year, and a year later another emir joined them.

It is very easy to rent cars in the UAE – services of rental companies from luxury to budget options are available in the country. A rented car can be provided with a driver if necessary. You can pick up the car at the rental car distribution desk and go to the hotel at it. It is strongly not recommended to take a rental car without insurance. As for Dubai, there is no rental car issued without tourist insurance.

Photo of a road in Dubai

Photo of a road in Dubai

How it all began: the ancient history of the UAE

The first sources of the development of the territory of the modern state appeared much earlier – 7 thousand years ago. This term is quite impressive and cannot be compared with the history of European countries. Already in the 7th century, small sheikhdoms settled here, ruled by the Arab Caliphate. At this time, cities such as Dubai, Fujairah, and Sharjah were founded. Later, already in the 15th century, the influence of Europe began to spread in this territory – Portugal, the first powerful Western state at that time, began to consolidate its positions on the Arabian Peninsula.

The spread of British power in the UAE

In the 18th century, the local principalities begin a war with England – the empire begins to monopolize the movement of cargo between all the ports of the Persian Gulf. This led to the blockade of the Arab population, who rebelled against Britain. Attempts to oust the British did not bring the desired result, and already in 1820 British rule was established here.

Photo of Arabian souvenirs at bazaar

Photo of Arabian souvenirs at bazaar

The start of oil production in the UAE – economic growth

The oil era begins in the UAE in 1922 under the leadership of the English protectorate, but significant changes in the lives of local people occur in the early 50s after receiving foreign investment. Revenues from oil and pearls at the time passed the British Empire, and in 1968 under the onslaught of the League of Arab States, the British decided to withdraw their troops from these areas. At the same time, an agreement on the creation of the Federation of Arab Principles is signed.

After the proclamation of an independent state, the UAE begins to develop rapidly, independently setting oil prices. For this period, local authorities achieve economic growth, skillfully investing revenues from the sale of petroleum products.