Car rental is the main entertainment of all tourists coming to the island, as can be seen from the number of rental cars on the roads with red numbers. Without a car here is no way, if you want to drive on serpentines, explore the beaches, dine in different places, get acquainted with quiet villages and meet the sunrise in the mountains. So, first of all, we rented a car, quickly loaded our belongings and, waving a handle to the rental company representative, set off towards adventure.

For four days in Cyprus, we wrapped 1,000 kilometers, spent 99 euros on petrol. As a result, the route of our movement turned out the following:

First day. Petra-to-Romiou, the birthplace of the mythological goddess Aphrodite, where she was born from sea waves. Very beautiful and picturesque beach.

Omodos village is a very pleasant village with a tasting wine room, with beautiful views and a monastery. The village is very popular and there were almost no parking places, and the narrow streets are full of tourists, so they just stuck our rental car.

Photo of Omodos village

Photo of Omodos village

Caledonia Falls – an interesting leading road to it through a fabulous coniferous forest and overgrown strawberry trees. The water in it is very cold, even in summer! We dined near the waterfall with fresh trout in the Psilo Dendro fish farm.

Hotel Berengaria – an abandoned haunted hotel. Once this hotel was the most luxurious in Cyprus. The name itself was given to the hotel in honor of Queen Berengaria. Now you can wander through the ruins. Quite a strange walk, but the place as a whole is unusual.

Second day. Akamas Peninsula is a nature reserve, also associated with the myth about Aphrodite and Adonis. There is a path to Aphrodite, Blue Lagoon, Lara Beach and Avakas Canyon. Just magical places! The name Blue Lagoon is not a turn of speech, it is the truth! Now, if we had not gotten a car for rent, then half would not have time! I liked the beaches, the views, the atmosphere itself, some kind of unreal!

Photo of the beach at Akamas

Photo of the beach at Akamas

The third day. Ayia Napa. It can be reached from Paphos in less than a couple of hours. Here, too, has its own amazing lagoon, in which we planned to swim with masks, dive and gaze at the underwater world. There was no limit to my surprise; for the first time, I swam in a mask under water. The most curious phenomenon seemed to me flocks of fish-needles. It looks very intricate. I like it!

Fourth day. Kakopetria is a village with such an unusual and funny name. This is a very nice, authentic place, with local flavor and charming houses. I think this is the cutest village in the vicinity. The rented car was left at the bottom, at the gas station, and walked to the village.

To be honest, I really didn’t want to leave. The fifth day we just lay on the beach and swam, and then there was a farewell. But, I think, not forever.