Riga is one of the most visited cities in Latvia. Its historical part has retained its former atmosphere: a series of old buildings in combination with modern buildings create a unique look. In addition, the city is ready to offer its guests a vibrant nightlife, many shopping centers, a developed infrastructure of restaurants and cafes.

How to get around

Unlike similar Baltic cities, modern Riga gives the impression of a true metropolis. It is worth driving around on a rented car – it will be the best option during the holidays. Regular tours in one place, then in another, can be very tiring. A rental car will allow you to remain independent of tourist groups. In this case, a tourist, having rented a car, will be able to inspect a large number of historical monuments in one trip.

Photo of a bus in Riga

Photo of a bus in Riga

On a note! Renting a car is cheaper if you order a vehicle in advance via the Internet. A huge number of international rental cars offer their services in Riga. It is enough to pick up the car and pick it up at the point of issue of the car.

What to see

As it has already been said, Riga attracts tourists with its Old District – there are wonderfully preserved historical sights. Despite the fact that the city itself has compact dimensions, the examination of the most significant places may take a lot of time.

Town Hall Square

In Old Riga, there is still a medieval atmosphere. The first thing anyone should see is the Town Hall Square. Once it was the main market of the city – solemn events, tournaments and various processions were held here.

House of Blackheads

Built at the beginning of the 14th century, this building served for a long time as a venue for meetings between organizations of public importance. During the war, the house was partially destroyed, and later restored to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the city. Today it houses a museum that everyone can visit.

Photo of House of Blackheads

Photo of House of Blackheads

Riga Castle

Coming to Latvia and not visiting the Riga Museum is a big mistake. This is one of the most recognizable sights of the city. And although today from the former grandeur of the castle there is little that remained, its appearance became a real symbol of the Livonian Order of Knights.

Monument to the Bremen

Town Musicians Many are familiar with the history of the Bremen Town Musicians, but not everyone knows that in Riga there is a whole monument dedicated to famous characters. The author of the project is sculptor Krista Baumgartel. It was installed in 1990 in honor of the fall of the Iron Curtain. The sculpture itself has a serious political meaning associated with the Cold War. The faded noses of bronze musicians speak of the faith of tourists and locals because of the monument to fulfill wishes.